Pokémon GO Fest Tickets Sold Out After Website Problems

Pokemon GO Fest.

At 9:00 AM PST, tickets for a second annual Pokémon GO Fest went on sale. About half an hour later, they sole out. This diversion competence not be utterly as renouned as it was in a heyday, yet as moments like these show, it still has a sizeable and committed fanbase fervent to transport to Chicago for singular catches. At least, that’s a ideal situation: a website started carrying technical problems a impulse tickets went live, indicating a clever participation of purchasing bots that are now relocating their things to resale sites like eBay. It’s a informed story for any in-demand item.

I started perplexing to buy tickets during accurately 9:00 AM PST and managed to get as distant as a page that authorised me to name that opening we was shopping tickets for, and that opening we wanted to use. That’s all we ever saw, however: a page hung adult on that shade for several mins before locking out entirely. we attempted in a opposite browser and my phone, yet no luck. Plenty of other people on amicable media are stating identical formula with worried reminders of final year — yet final year we was during slightest means to buy a ticket.

Clearly, some people were means to buy tickets. After about half an hour of perplexing to get a page to load, Niantic announced that a eventuality was sole out. The initial tickets we saw make their approach to eBay are going to for $369.00, a poignant markup over a initial seeking cost of $20. Niantic attempted to extent this arrange of function by usually permitting people to buy 6 tickets during a time, yet bots are increasingly worldly and formidable to fool.

I still have faith that Pokémon GO Fest itself will during slightest be improved than final years’ — not usually is that a low bar, yet several of a simple changes that Niantic is creation should assistance assuage final year’s misfortune problems, quite holding a eventuality along a 1.8 mile lane and over a march of dual days. Still, these early technical issues don’t feel great, and it’s increasingly transparent that a sizeable apportionment of a people walking around in Chicago that day competence good have paid upwards of $200 for their $20 tickets.


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