Pokémon GO Fest Is Returning To Chicago This Summer For A Do-Over

Pokemon GO Fest

Niantic has announced a lapse of Pokémon GO Fest, a supplement to 2017’s disastrous live event in Chicago, one that they’re anticipating will go some-more uniformly this time around with lessons schooled from a original.

Pokémon GO Fest 2017 is once again in Chicago, this time in Lincoln Park on Jul 14th and 15th “with a 1.8-mile walking march that, among a tree-lined greenery, will embody disdainful activities for Trainers of all ages.” It joins other Safari Zone events in Dortmund, Germany and Yokosuka, Japan that will also take place this year.

It’s tough to understate usually how terribly a strange Pokémon GO Fest went final year. It was ostensible to be a grand jubilee of a one year anniversary of a game, and a flog off of Legendary Pokémon raids. Instead, players who paid $20 any for wristbands to attend, and many who had cumulative flights and hotels to get there, were treated to hours-long lines, overstuffed crowds inside a park and ultimately, a non-functional diversion as with so many people perplexing to play during once, Pokémon GO itself was untouched via most of a day. Eventually, a special “spawn” zones were stretched to embody most of a city to try and soothe some of a pressure, though by that point, it was already too late.

The finish outcome was that GO Fest attendees not usually had their $20 tickets refunded, though were given $100 in Pokecoins and a giveaway Lugia for attending. But that still wasn’t adequate for some who had spent distant some-more than that on travel, and eventually a class movement lawsuit doled out a sum to any attendee who wanted to explain it, bursting $1.5M among them.

Pokemon GO Fest 2017

Needless to say, Niantic will try to redeem itself with Pokémon GO Fest 2018.

It really good can’t go worse than final year, and while we would design assemblage to be a bit reduce in year dual compared to year one, adequate people will expected attend to still means server/cell issues if Niantic has not bound their problems. Long lines are an eventuality government issue, and hopefully that’s going to be resolved as well.

What hasn’t been done transparent nonetheless is what a perks are of attending a event. Given that it’s something that requires out of city transport for many, hopefully Niantic will get some-more specific with a sum other than “exclusive activities” and observant people can locate “a accumulation of Pokémon.” Are there special spawns? Special raids? Special investigate quests? These are things it’s going to be flattering pivotal to know before we start creation skeleton to come out in July.

I will be changed out of Chicago by a time GO Fest rolls around again, though we might have to lapse for it as (fortunately, it turns out) we missed a strange one due to a family vacation. A family vacation we roughly cancelled to go, and boy, am we blissful we didn’t.

Niantic has never had another eventuality as bad as final year’s Pokémon GO Fest, notwithstanding carrying many other live events in a past year, so a wish is that this do-over will go off though a hitch. Or positively with distant fewer hitches. Hopefully we’ll know some-more sum about a eventuality soon, though until then, pencil it in on your calendars if you’re still personification and wish whatever prizes a eventuality ends adult doling out.

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