Pokémon GO Fest 2018 – Visitor/Participant Guide – Travel, parking, safety, food, etc.

As we are shutting in on a biggest eventuality in Pokémon GO, GO Fest Chicago, DTC (The biggest Discord Community in Chicago, all a info about them during a finish of a article) motionless to emanate a really helpful guide for all visitors and participants attending Pokémon GO Fest on Jul 14-15, 2018.

Whether it’s about reserve concerns, parking, transport arrangements, open transportation, or a venue itself: Lincoln Park – Chicago; DTC provides we with all a required information in sequence to have a outing giveaway of highlight and filled with joyous memories (cheesy, we know).

DTC has combined both a created and a visible guide.

We strongly suggest to any member to check out both guides!

The Written Guide can be found here contains a many information:

  • safety concerns;
  • where to find your entrance;
  • parking;
  • food, restaurants, coffee, etc.;
  • travel arrangements;
  • public transportation;
  • best Pokémon GO spots;
  • Lincoln Park;
  • etc.

But if we wish to have a visible thought of what Lincoln Park looks like, know where to take a best AR shots, or where to take a mangle and rest in a shade; afterwards the Visual Guide next is for you.

The Pokémon GO Hub also has a brief beam right here, though DTC’s guides are most some-more useful for people who will be participating on-site.

About DTC

DTC is a premier Pokémon GO village located in Chicago, IL and a northern suburbs with over 3,000 members. Originally an acronym for Downtown Chicago, DTC has grown to ring a most wider locality travelling from Woodlawn all a approach to Wheeling. Today, they like to consider of DTC as a liquid name that represents any and each one of them – either you’re a Dedicated, Dauntless or Dapper Trainers of Chicagoland, DTC is your home.

For all a information about DTC, check out their website! Join their Discord!

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