Pokémon Go bug creates throwing Pokémon approach faster

Pokémon Go players have detected an apparent glitch that, distinct many of a game’s issues, comes with a good benefit: It enables users to bypass a throwing animation during a Pokémon battle, dramatically shortening a volume of time spent staring down furious monsters.

IllDepence, a member of doctrinaire fan village The Silph Road, posted a video detailing what they call “driveby catching.” Here’s a gist: When you’re in a conflict with a Pokémon, we can assist a routine by holding a Poké Ball menu with one palm and attempting to locate a Pokémon with a other. Once you’ve strike a Pokémon and it’s wriggling around inside a Poké Ball, let go of a Poké Ball menu. Then, daub a shade to move adult a run divided option; name that and you’ll conduct behind to a map.

Figuring out if we successfully held a Pokémon or not isn’t as available when regulating this method, unfortunately. You’ll have to drop into your biography to see if a Pokémon was combined to your collection. (Sometimes, an blunder summary will cocktail adult to prove that your locate was successful as well.) But this one additional step doesn’t change a fact that you’re saving yourself time differently spent staring during a Poké Ball.

Here’s anticipating this isn’t one of those glitches Niantic manacles out after a fact, since it’s positively softened a Pokémon Go knowledge — even if only a small bit.

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