‘Pokémon GO’ Announces A Rather Lackluster Community Day …

Pokemon GO

As is now tradition, Niantic is already prepping players for a subsequent Pokémon GO Community Day, as it’s been determined as a categorical captivate in a diversion after dual successful months. The new Community Day will be Mar 25th from 1-4 EST, stability a 3 hour tradition even as some fans have petitioned to enhance it. And a featured Pokémon is….


Don’t get me wrong, Bulbasaur is a classic, and unequivocally cute, and during slightest my third favorite strange starter Pokémon, though he’s kind of a tedious collect for Community Day in my opinion. Pikachu wasn’t a good collect possibly though we accepted since he was selected formed on his iconic status. Dratini was an amazing collect since of how fun it was to build glossy Dragonites, and how useful that Pokémon continues to be in Pokémon GO.

But Bulbasaur is a small tough to get vehement about, even with a special pierce and a glossy version. At this point, everybody can kind of determine that whatever special pierce these Pokémon get is not unequivocally gamechanging, and unless Niantic does a thing where it’s a developed Venusaur that gets a special move, not a Bulbasaur, it’s roughly totally purposeless as a pierce is usually transposed on evolution.

Rather, it’s transparent a categorical idea of Community Day has incited into removing a glossy chronicle of a Pokémon in 3 hours, and removing a top IV chronicle of that glossy we can for a unequivocally unique, absolute final evolution.

From what we know in a handhelds, glossy Bulbasaur doesn’t have a crazy tone change like we saw with a Dratini family. Rather he goes from being root immature to some-more or reduction neon green, and we consider Venusaur’s flower should be orange, not red, in further to that. Kind of cold though not anything super out there.


Yesterday, we made a box for my possess collect for a third Community Day, that was Eevee, who would come with five opposite intensity glossy evolutions, though it seemed Niantic did not listen to me, or they already have their choice mapped out for utterly a while.

Bulbasaur is an…okay collect we theory as an iconic starter, though a bit boring, and with usually 12 of these events a year, we theory I’d wish for some some-more engaging choices. we suspect this will be a start of a featured strange contingent removing glossy versions, with Charmander and Squirtle to follow eventually, though it’s not utterly as sparkling as Dratini was.

I don’t know, we theory it’s fine. It seems like a devise is to do Community Days for some of Pokémon’s many tangible Gen 1 originals for a while before maybe afterwards relocating on to other generations. These are some of a many easy to commend Pokémon for players, and could motivate people to take partial some-more than others would. Despite my insistence Bulbasaur is a bit of a muted pick, as we was essay this essay my mother pronounced “aw we adore Bulbasaur, he’s so cute,” so there we have it.

You have a month to ready for Community Day that includes stocking adult on berries and balls, though with a approach Pokémon GO has been going lately, we competence see a decent volume of other events between now and then.

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