‘Pokémon GO’ Announces A New Double Stardust ‘Equinox’ Event


Pokemon GO

I have been violence this drum for weeks now, that Pokémon GO needs to start creation “proper” tellurian events again like it used to, and it appears someone has been listening. Pokémon GO is removing behind on a worldwide eventuality sight with a new Equinox event that kicks off Sep 22nd and runs by Oct 2nd.

It’s not accurately a many insubordinate eventuality in a universe formed on what’s being offered, ie. there aren’t any new mechanics or minigames in play, though this is a lapse to a “old school” form of eventuality that a diversion has been missing. And there’s an intensely critical prerogative for this one: reward Stardust.

Here’s a full relapse of what to design from a Pokemon GO Equinox event:

  • Double Stardust for throwing Pokémon and hatching eggs
  • 2 km eggs that enclose non-2 km Pokémon like Chansey, Larvitar and Mareep
  • Special boxes in a story that embody Lucky Eggs, Lure and new Super Incubators that induce eggs 1.5x faster
  • Registering a new Pokémon to your Pokedex will net we triple XP

Kind of a pointless collection of bonuses there, though a Stardust one is key. It’s by distant a many profitable banking in a diversion during this point, one of a usually things we can't collect from raiding, and it’s pivotal in upgrading Pokémon as it can take hundreds of thousands of Stardust to max out even one of your comprehensive Pokémon. As distant as we can recall, there have usually been a wanting handful of times when Stardust has been a partial of any Pokémon GO event, so this is going to be a must-play for players who are constantly using low on a stuff, that should be some-more or reduction everyone. The Stardust economy is a bit damaged in GO, and it creates we wish to ascent most no Pokémon though your comprehensive strongest, though this should assistance with that weight to some extent.

The mini eggs are a neat idea, and a Pokémon they enclose are positively on a singular side, even if Larvitar hatches have been arrange of negated by Tyranitar raids. Still, it’s good to see that this eventuality has literally zero to do with raids and focuses on throwing Pokémon and hatching eggs, that is what a diversion used to be formed around until raids took over everything. We have listened about Super Incubators entrance to a diversion for a while now, and I’m extraordinary to see how most they’ll cost (200 coins?) and if they’ll be sole outward of this gold once a eventuality wraps.

This is really what GO indispensable to do right now. I’m not certain how energized a playerbase will be for this event, as we are positively not in a same place we were a year ago, though double Stardust is going to be tough to conflict for anyone still actively playing.

This starts in dual days, and we’ll get a incomparable design of what to find in poser 2 km eggs then. Start saving your Pokeballs and cackle adult as most Stardust as we can when this starts. There’s no revelation when we’ll see another Stardust-based eventuality like this again, and we should really take advantage of a Equinox event, generally if we have a new swift of legendaries that need upgrading.

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