Pokemon Center Has New Team Skull Swag For All Your Mischievous Needs

You competence not have been means to join this rope of misfits in Pokemon Sun or Moon, though you’ll be means to turn one of a goons now. The Pokemon Center is now offered an disdainful attire line of Team Skull rigging for a Pokemon burglar in you.

Whether you’re looking to accidentally competition your favorite squad of misfits or to amp adult your mean cosplay, this line has a small something to prove everyone. It includes a accumulation of equipment from accessories to bags starting during $13, that we can see in a gallery below.

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Snag yourself a full appendage pack with a beanie, bandana, necklace, and wristbands for $40, or rug yourself in Guzma’s half-sleeved hoodie for $70. On a somewhat some-more affordable side, a Team Skull t-shirt is $30, and hosiery are $13. But if you’re looking for refinement while sporting your middle goon, we competence wish to go for a $70 follower bag.

You can obstacle all of these Team Skull goodies during a Pokemon Center. And while you’re during it, make certain to squeeze this month’s giveaway mythological Pokemon for Ultra Sun and Moon.

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