Pokemon Anime Drops a Ultimate Old School Callback

This week’s Pokemon anime part forsaken a waggish and astonishing easter egg during a weekly “Who’s That Pokemon” segment.

Each week, a Pokemon series shows a conformation of a opposite Pokemon and asks viewers to theory who it is during a blurb break. This is a unapproachable tradition of a anime that goes behind 20 years, all a approach to a really initial episode. Usually, a dark Pokemon has a tie to a episode, as it possibly appears as a featured impression or is a criminal of a episode.

This week’s part of Pokemon a Series: Sun and Moon featured Jigglypuff, a darling singing Pokemon who tormented Ash and Pikachu during a early seasons of a uncover and afterwards followed Ash to a Alola region. So, it shouldn’t come as a warn that Jigglypuff was comparison as a theme of a “Who’s That Pokemon?” segment. But, when it came time for a segment, fans were met by this instead:

pokemon jigglypuff

A impulse later, a conformation suggested that it was indeed Jigglypuff as seen from below:

The fun substantially went over a heads over newer fans of a series, though it really done aged propagandize Pokemon fans giggle out loud. This week’s shred is a callback to a initial deteriorate part “The Ultimate Test.”

In a episode, Ash, Jessie, and James all pointer adult for a Pokemon Exam that would concede them to enter a Pokemon League but earning a exigency 8 badges. During a episode, a investigator asks exam takers to brand opposite Pokemon around possibly a conformation or a close-up. The initial doubt involves a black circle, to that Ash guesses that it’s a Voltorb, and Jessie thinks it’s an Electrode. However, a scold answer (much to a discomfit of Ash) is a Jigglypuff seen from above.

Pokemon a Series: Sun and Moon facilities a ton of nonsensical easter eggs that interest to both aged and new Pokemon fans alike. Disney XD will be airing dubbed versions of a episodes each day in January, so be certain to give a array a try!

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