Pokemon Anime Drops Curious Sun and Moon Easter Egg

The latest deteriorate of Pokemon has given Team Rocket a critical energy boost with some code new technology, though who would consider that a sinful slot beast kidnappers would tie a stream deteriorate with that of a story that took place in a Alola Region, aka Pokemon Sun And Moon! The prior deteriorate of a Pokemon anime saw Ash Ketchum vital in a pleasing segment that went by Alola and finally gave a evermore immature tutor something he had been opposed to grasp for some time: winning a Pokemon championship! This Easter Egg competence be a bit weird though it shows a dual seasons are related some-more than we thought!

As mentioned earlier, Jesse, James, and Meowth have been given record that allows them to call on some of a many absolute Pokemon in Team Rocket’s roster, creation them a critical plea for Ash relocating brazen as both himself and his new crony Go transport a world, capturing absolute new Pokemon. Jesse privately is shown reading a journal from a Alola segment that had seemed progressing in a Pokemon Sun And Moon anime season! While it doesn’t indispensably make a ton of clarity that Jesse would be reading a months aged paper, it’s still a pleasing curtsy to a island adventures of a favorite trainers!

Twitter User Jambo971 beheld a Easter Egg that had Jesse reading an comparison Alola Region journal in a new part of a stream deteriorate of Pokemon, creation for a good tie between a stream deteriorate and a deteriorate that gave Ash his initial Pokemon Championship victory:


The Pokemon Sun And Moon deteriorate was also a large one for Team Rocket, with Jesse and James creation it to a Alola League Tournament. Though they didn’t win, it showed off their skills as trainers and gave us a good curtsy of what they competence be means to accomplish in a future. With their code new record during their whim, they have turn a absolute competition for Ash rather than a fun that is simply rubbed and it will be engaging to see that Pokemon they use in a destiny in sequence to support in their organization’s ultimate goal!

What do we consider of this bizarre Easter Egg that links a stream deteriorate of Pokemon with Sun And Moon? Feel giveaway to let us know in a comments or strike me adult directly on Twitter @EVComedy to speak all things comics, anime, and Pokemon!

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