Plunder an airship in giveaway secrecy diversion Skyrogue

Though it was done for this year’s 7-Day Roguelike Challenge, there’s unequivocally small roguelike DNA in DragonXVI’s Skyrogue, and that’s fine, since it’s a gratifying turn-based unctuous diversion instead. Across 5 (seemingly handmade) levels, we have to soothe a relocating airship of a many festive gems and bullion nuggets, avoiding guards and their bloody steer lines as we go.

The fundamentals will be informed to you: a rivalry moves when we do, if we enter their steer lines they’ll start to follow you, and if they strech you, good we assume you’re chucked in a brig, though a spin restarts. You can bound around corners to remove them, or tactically stratagem them around, in this charming and fluidly charcterised secrecy diversion that feels like a puzzler interjection to a turn-based nature.

Where Skyrogue differs from many secrecy games is a further of a blink move—yep, like a one in Dishonored. Special immature gems concede we to burst several stairs in a direction, bypassing gaps or merely dodging a ever-present guards. There are some good levels here, though not unequivocally adequate to make full use of a engaging blinking mechanic. Meanwhile, spin 2 competence have we quitting a diversion entirely, as it’s surprisingly difficult. My tip for that is to omit a treasure, and concentration on a key.

Still, there’s a lot to like about this corpulent secrecy game, from a novel airship environment (where it’s probable to hide your approach off a edge), to a beguiling blink pierce that threatens to spin a diversion into a two-dimensional Dishonored.

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