PlayStation VR sales tip one million, Horizon: Zero Dawn sales tip 3.4 million

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sony Interactive Entertainment has common a latest numbers on PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

  • Worldwide sales for PlayStation 4 are “almost” 60 million. Sony announced 60 million sum shipments in a mercantile year finished Mar 31, 2017 report.
  • PlayStation VR has sole one million PlayStation VR headsets given a launch in Oct 2016. It sole 915,000 units in a initial 3 months, definition during slightest an additional 85,000 units have been sole given Feb 19.
  • One in 5 PlayStation 4 consoles sole given Nov have been a PlayStation 4 Pro.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn has sole 3.4 million copies given a launch on Feb 28. It sole 2.6 million in a initial dual weeks, definition an additional 800,000 units were sole given Mar 16.

Sony also announced that it will run a “Days of Play” graduation from Jun 9 to 17, during that it promises large sales on PlayStation program and hardware. It will use a graduation to launch a singular book gold-colored PlayStation 4 console, that will sell for $249.

Thanks, Business Insider.

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