PlayStation Store’s tip offered games advise Call of Duty had a good year

PlayStation on Friday suggested the tip downloaded games from a PlayStation Store for 2016, and while it’s always engaging to see what a biggest hits are, a news is some-more that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare substantially is doing usually fine, interjection really much.

First off, Rocket League took tip honors among PlayStation 4’s many downloaded games. (“Downloaded” is a distinct qualifier, though these are titles for sale in a marketplace, not freebies in PlayStation Plus.) And while Call of Duty’s rival, Battlefield 1, was No. 2, Infinite Warfare took fourth place and no diversion above it had a after launch date. (No. 3 was Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition, that launched in 2014.)

It provides a small some-more context to a ongoing parlor diversion of speculating on Call of Duty’s health. Last month, analysts citing exclusive NPD data (i.e. not granted to a press or public) pronounced Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s sales in a launch month were off 50 percent from what Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 pulled in 2015. That figure, however, totalled earthy duplicate sales alone.

Even trailing Battlefield 1, Call of Duty making tip 5 in a digital marketplace of PlayStation 4 — a franchise’s lead height given 2015 — suggests rumors of a bad sales health competence be premature. PlayStation Blog did not recover any numbers for any pretension over a ranking relations to a others.

Moreover, Call of Duty dominated a DLC sole by PlayStation Marketplace in 2016 — again, no doubt helped by timed exclusivity bearing a platform. Still, Black Ops 3 took 5 out of a tip 10, including No. 1.

And for a month of Dec 2016 only, Infinite Warfare edged Battlefield 1, fifth place to sixth place. (Infinite Warfare also was the tip seller on PlayStation Store in November.) The entrance of Ark: Survival Evolved (Dec. 6 launch date) kick out Final Fantasy 15 (Nov. 29) for best of a month, too.

PlayStation Blog has a full list, segmented by height (PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PS Classics, and PS4 DLC and PlayStation VR). Of sold note is a ongoing high opening of Grand Theft Auto 5 and a Rockstar goldmine in PS Classics. Also, Battlefield Hardline (2015 launch) and Battlefield 4 (2013) both done a tip 15, no doubt helped by a weeklong graduation after E3 that forsaken a cost of both to $4.99.

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