PlayStation Now: Price, how it works, and what games we can play

PlayStation Now has been around for a few years, yet it’s one of those services that Sony itself doesn’t scream that many about. While identical services like Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud contest to turn a best diversion streaming service, PlayStation Now sensitively froth away, adding new games and facilities with comparatively small fanfare. However, with PS5 usually around a corner, it looks to be a outrageous partial of a underline set, and is expected to cause heavily into a console’s destiny plans.

Given a use is still on a rise, we suspicion it useful to fill we in on how PlayStation Now works, what it costs, and what accurately we can and can’t do as a subscriber. Here’s a outline of all that and some-more if you’re deliberation apropos a new PS Now subscriber.

What is PlayStation Now?

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

PlayStation Now is PS4’s (and substantially PS5’s) subscription gaming service. It initial debuted in open beta in 2014, usually a few months after a PS4 was released. On a heels of PlayStation’s merger of streaming association Gaikai, primarily a use acted usually as a diversion streaming subscription for PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PlayStation TV, and even name TVs and Blu-ray players, yet in 2017 Sony finished support for PS Now on all platforms solely PS4. 

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