PlayStation: Best Horror Games for PSVR

Slide 1/4 – Killing Floor: Incursion


“A brand-new, standalone pretension formed on a critically acclaimed Killing Floor franchise, Killing Floor: Incursion charges players with holding on a purpose of an chosen Horzine Security Forces soldier. Team adult with allies to deflect off a horrific Zed hordes with a far-reaching array of guns, blades, and more. Players might openly try environments, scavenging for weapons and ammo while acid for a best locations to reason a line opposite a beast onslaught. Battle in different areas from creepy farmhouses to high-tech facilities. Complete Horzine Security Forces missions and clear a secrets of a Zeds’ puzzling origins.”

The best partial is it’s unequivocally not required to have played a initial of a diversion series, as this is a totally standalone title. So take on those Zed hordes with no fear. Or during slightest no fear that we missed out. 

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