PlayStation 4 Report Card 2017

Following adult on 2016 was always going to be formidable for Sony, though it was essential that a height hilt say a momentum, generally with a competitors both rising new hardware. With a launch of a PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation VR behind it, a concentration fell precisely on new games. But was that enough, and is a PS4 streamer in a right direction? Let’s demeanour behind during a year that was for Sony’s console.

Exclusives Aplenty

Last year brought what was, during a time, arguably a best disdainful diversion of a epoch so far. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End dragged a Uncharted array into a PS4 era, grown Nate and co. into fuller characters, and came unequivocally tighten to winning a Best Game of 2016 award. Just a year later, we had another new Uncharted diversion in The Lost Legacy, that ditched a courageous adventurer and pushed dual of a series’ ancillary characters into a spotlight. And nonetheless this expansion-turned-full-release maybe didn’t pierce a authorization brazen as many as a progenitor, it did uncover that a Uncharted array can tarry divided from a Drake estate.

Sony’s other large disdainful this year brought a lapse of Guerrilla, a Killzone developer that has for many of a life been criticized for creation games that arguably demeanour improved than they play. Horizon Zero Dawn, however, during final harnessed a company’s glorious technical and graphical capabilities, and embellished them on a renowned underlying game. Let’s wish this is a branch indicate for Guerrilla and it continues to challenge expectations. With an outstanding, non-Killzone diversion finally underneath a belt and an owners in Sony famous for enlivening growth of singular first-party titles, a Dutch association could turn a developer of well-developed games it should always have been, and we–the audience–will hopefully reap a rewards in years to come.

The residue of PS4’s disdainful lineup in 2017 was one of a many different third-party selections in new memory. Nier: Automata, Nioh, Yakuza 0 (and Kiwami), Persona 5, and Hellblade (if we’re counting console exclusives) were all niche, though glorious examples of a height broadening a appeal. That’s in further to a healthy collection of console-exclusive indie games, that stretched this year with games such as Matterfall, Pyre, and Nidhogg 2. Not usually that, though Sony continues to aggressively tie adult disdainful calm for some of a biggest games around. Resident Evil 7’s VR edition, early Call of Duty DLC, and disdainful Destiny 2 maps and rigging mostly make PlayStation a apparent height to play your games if we possess mixed consoles.

All Sony indispensable was a large hitter for a finish of a year to strengthen that PS4 unequivocally is “the best place to play.” It’s a shame, then, that a holiday duration has been so unsatisfactory for a platform: a usually critical disdainful to launch in a many critical deteriorate of a year was GT Sport. While by no means panned–it now binds a 75 rating on Metacritic and warranted an 8/10 in GameSpot’s GT Sport review–the initial PS4 Gran Turismo diversion launched with tiny fanfare, generally for a array that was once one of PlayStation’s premiere titles. The smaller automobile roster, clumsy proceed to online racing, and less-than-perfect accepting competence be a acknowledgment that Gran Turismo has been overtaken by Microsoft’s some-more generous Forza series.

PSVR Is Under-Supported

GT Sport’s lukewarm launch is doubly unsatisfactory for Sony, as Polyphony’s racer was billed to light as PlayStation VR’s large diversion for a finish of a year. Unfortunately, a practical existence height is still accessible a legendary “killer app.” Between Resident Evil 7 in Jan and GT Sport in October, few large titles launched for PSVR, dual earnest PSVR games–The Inpatient and Bravo Team–were recently behind to 2018, and a design looks unclothed in 2018. Doom VFR and Skyrim VR help, though will ports of years-old games prove those who shelled out $400 / £350 / AU $550 for a then-seemingly groundbreaking new gizmo? More to a point, will they–in a deficiency of some-more big, high-profile titles–convince people who haven’t nonetheless invested to get out their wallets? This year has been a unsatisfactory one for PSVR, which–if not upheld improved with landmark releases subsequent year–is in risk of going a approach of Kinect.

Nostalgia Is A Powerful Tool, But It Can Only Go So Far

In a gaps between large 2017’s releases, generally during a dull summer months, Sony attempted to prove gamers with repackaged, repolished versions of comparison games. We perceived PS4 remasters of Patapon, LocoRoco, Parappa a Rapper, Wipeout, and a meme-spawning Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, in further to a proclamation of a Shadow of a Colossus remake, entrance subsequent year. Sony has satisfied that many PlayStation gamers–whether over or loyal–who owned and desired that grey section in a late ’90s suddenly, in 2017, find themselves with disposable income, and they’re an assembly that is a processed nostalgia sponge. It was this ionization to childhood games being reborn that done a Crash Bandicoot remaster one of a best-selling games of a year, and it’s certainly a note Sony will play once again subsequent year, generally with PSX usually around a corner.

However, a association can usually rest on nostalgia for so long. The strange Xbox was usually a few years behind a initial PlayStation, so Microsoft’s nostalgia pull certainly won’t be distant away–in fact, it competence have already begun. For those already wearing green-tinted spectacles, Xbox is doing a some-more consumer-friendly pursuit during harnessing a energy of a childhood memories than Sony with a retrograde harmony program. PlayStation Now allows we to play PS3 games on your PS4, though we have to compensate additional for a privilege, and it’s no good during all if we have a dodgy internet tie or don’t live in a handful of specific countries. Microsoft, on a other hand, allows hundreds of past games accessible to play for no additional cost on Xbox One, thereby expanding a diversion library and winning preference with a audience. It’s time Sony started doing a same–properly.

If Sony’s hostility to make PS1, PS2, and PS3 games playable on PS4 is a intensity pointer of arrogance, afterwards a refusal to concede cross-play with Xbox is a clear one. Microsoft wants cross-play to happen, though Sony says it’s a “commercial discussion” as to because it won’t concede it during present. It’s an unfortunate, though distinct decision: in this generation, Sony is on top, so because would it chuck a primary opposition a lifeline?

Other Matters, In Brief

  • PS4’s 5.0 refurbish arrived this year, in box you’d forgotten. You’d be forgiven for not remembering, too, given so few suggestive changes came out of what was hoped to be a large update. Parental controls aside, a patch unsuccessful to residence a regard that lingers some-more than a decade after PSN’s launch: because can we still not change a usernames?
  • 2017 seemed to be a year a PS Vita finally died. The underappreciated handheld saw few new games this year, as Sony eventually threw in a towel with first-party support and publishers changed on to bigger and some-more absolute machines. Rest in peace, my tiny Spelunky machine.
  • E3 2017 was unsatisfactory for Sony. The biggest diversion uncover of a year brought few honestly sparkling announcements (including, crucially, any refurbish on The Last of Us: Part II).
  • Following North America final year, Europe and Australia saw their PS Plus prices boost in 2017, notwithstanding a outlay of monthly games display tiny alleviation in number, stature, or quality.


Last year, a good boat PlayStation sailed into a stretch as Sony launched an affordable practical existence platform, a new, upgraded console, and some of this generation’s excellent games. In 2017, a association has by no means dismantled all that tough work, though it has maybe authorised a boat to seashore somewhat too far. A continued miss of retrograde harmony and cranky play, a PS Plus cost boost in some territories, bluff PSVR support, and a common E3 display weigh a height hilt that might be a tiny too gentle in a lead, and it’s a small, though worrying step towards Sony’s audacity we saw post-PS2.

That said, exclusives like Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy don’t come along each week, and they surpass anything Microsoft has been means to pattern in a past 12 months. So notwithstanding a series of stumbling blocks this year, Sony is–for now, during least–proving it’s a games that matter.

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