Players Finish Pokémon GO Fest’s Global Research Challenge, Unlocking The Grand Prize

Pokemon GONiantic

We are customarily median by Pokémon GO Fest weekend, though a trainers have already finish a Global Research Challenge that Niantic reserved them, unlocking a grand esteem for this apportionment of a summer’s ongoing eventuality parade.

That would be 3 hours of Zapdos raids subsequent Saturday, Jul 21, where not customarily will a mythological bird take over any gym for 3 hours and have a new quick pierce (Thundershock), though there will finally be a possibility to locate a glossy Zapdos for a initial time. This exhibit was rather expected, given that there are 3 summer events and a initial was an Articuno raid event. And clearly a final reward, after a Japanese Safari Zone eventuality in August, is going to be Moltres.

It seems that Niantic might be going easy on players when it comes to these challenges. They ask that any of a 3 categorical regions of a game, The Americas, Europe and Africa, and Asia, any finish 5 million investigate tasks for these unlocks, and 100,000 by attendees of a events themselves. Trainers are doing it in half a time required, as all of these goals were strike by a finish of a day yesterday. It’s unequivocally only a ritual during this point.

I’m still not furious about these grand prizes, raids of years-old legendaries that have a 3-5% possibility to be shiny, though distinct Community Day shinies, we can’t unequivocally plantation them infinitely, due to some-more serious time constraints from raids, and a fact that we will be forced to start shopping raid passes once we use your 5 giveaway ones. Still, it’s improved than nothing, we suppose.

Pokemon GONiantic

No one knows nonetheless what a final “Ultra” clear will be in Pokémon GO, something that will be suggested once players strike any idea opposite all 3 events.

Best box scenario? A Gen 4 release.

Medium box scenario? A new mythic.

Worst box scenario? Something rather sore like Shiny Latios and Latias or something.

I’m anticipating for a recover of Gen 4, something that Niantic is already starting to tease, and a timing would line up, as new generations customarily come out 7-9 months after a final one, and we will be in that window in Aug when a final Safari Zone eventuality is over. It also creates clarity for Niantic to get Gen 4 out there when it’s still summer and hot, and August, Sep and partial of Oct is substantially going to be prohibited adequate for many north hemispheric regions, definition players can get in a lot of good outside sport time before a continue changes.

Prepare yourself for glossy Zapdos raiding day subsequent weekend, as who knows when you’ll have that possibility again.

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