Player reaches in-game banking top in Final Fantasy XIV after 4 years, explains how they did it

999.999.999 gil

After 4 years, a actor named Shalice Icefrost on a Hyperion server finally reached a income (Gil) top in Final Fantasy XIV. For those who are unaware, no, this isn’t a mainline solo Final Fantasy, though rather an MMO, with a vital respirating economy that changes on a humour after each update. It’s a flattering violent fulfilment as we might have guessed, and a story of how they did it sounds sincerely arduous.

In what could simply be an “MMO Economy 101” lesson, they excavate into that crafting professions were a slightest and many profitable, a best ways to make income (experimentation with crafters rather than regulating cookie-cutter guides), and a best rags for creation money.  The latter is impossibly important, as one could investigate marketplace trends to accurately envision a future. If you’re during all meddlesome in online economies, give a whole post a read. What’s a subsequent step? Perhaps half-jokingly, they settled that they wish to send a income to their swap character, and “start over.” Given that a many costly equipment in a diversion are houses, that run roughly 50 million Gil for a many decadent versions and are all fundamentally gone, there isn’t most for them to indeed spend it on.

I can’t fathom reaching 100 million Gil, as we mostly hang to PVE calm and pay/help out friends to do my crafting for me.

After 4 years, we achieved my idea of carrying 9 billions gil [Reddit]

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