Play with a european staff of FFXIV

From time to time a members of Final Fantasy XIV‘s staff entice players to go on adventures with them and it will shortly be a box again.

On Jul 2 Tasha “Kiwikopo” will wait for we on a Chaos Datacenter to take screenshots before perplexing to transparent a Orbonne Monastery 24 players Alliance Raid.

This raid is partial of a Treasure Trove event, dual birds with one stone.

To join a eventuality players will need to have during slightest one pursuit during lvl 70 or some-more and an ilevel of 365 minimum, we will be means to get a cue for a cross-server celebration finder ingame or on a central twitter.

FFXIV Breaking Brick Mountains 2020 Event Guide

Breaking Brick Mountains is behind as a anniversary eventuality in Final Fantasy XIV. The eventuality in partnership with Dragon Quest will make we follow after golems and prerogative we with equipment like a King Slime Crown, a Wind-up Brickman serf or a Thug’s Mug. Check out all about a FF14 eventuality here.

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