Play ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ all over again with New Game+

The many energetically expected further is a New Game+ option. Now, players can start a new diversion but losing their impression skills or their inventory. It’s value noting, though, that while we can continue to collect XP over a turn of 50, characters’ progressions are capped during that level. New Game+ also introduces additional unlockable content, including new trophies, face paint and a ability to change Aloy’s focus.

Additionally, Horizon Zero Dawn is introducing an Ultra Hard problem level. While players will routinely be means to name a reduce problem turn when embarking on New Game+, those who name Ultra Hard will be sealed into it for their New Game+.

Of course, a patch also includes bug fixes and other tiny enhancements. The further of New Game+ will expected excite the game’s many fans; hopefully it’s adequate to keep players bending until The Frozen Wilds releases after this fall.

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