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PewDiePie fans have responded to Firewatch’s preference to rope a YouTuber from pity play-throughs to YouTube by plaguing a diversion with disastrous reviews.

On 11th September, PewDiePie came underneath glow after footage of him saying a N-word during a livestream gaming event seemed online.  The argumentative YouTuber – who has previously been indicted of anti-semitism – apologised a day later, observant “it seems like I’ve schooled zero from all these past controversies.”

The occurrence led a developer behind Firewatch – a diversion that PewDiePie uses for playthroughs on YouTube – to file a DMCA takedown of his Firewatch content.

“He’s worse than a closeted racist: he’s a propagator of inhuman rubbish that does genuine repairs to a enlightenment around this [gaming] industry,” developer Sean Vanaman said.

But PewDiePie fans have motionless to strike behind during Firewatch

A series of people have intent in what’s famous as “review-bombing” – purposefully inundating a diversion with disastrous reviews to drag down it’s altogether positivity score. As a SteamSpy draft next shows, a diversion was tormented with disastrous reviews on gaming site Steam around a time that Firewatch filed a DMCA complaint.

PewDiePie fans disease Firewatch with disastrous reviews

A series of reviews left on Steam anxiety a DMCA takedown incident explicitly. One reads: “Can’t suggest this diversion when a developers behind it have motionless to abuse DMCA Copyright takedowns opposite renouned YouTuber PewDiePie. Don’t give them a income to precedence a fake box opposite a gaming community.”

PewDiePie has given oral out opposite fans who are review-bombing a game.

Abusing DMCA is wrong, though so is examination bombing,” he tweeted. “I’m not condoning a Firewatch reviews.”

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