Peter Lucas: In a aristocrat derby, Prince Archie’s a longshot

What’s with this Archie business?

Who ever hear of an English king, or any king, called Archie?

Edward, George, Charles, James, yes, though Archie? Blimey. It’s a comic book name, or a name out of a aged Archie Bunker radio sitcom “All in a Family.”

Even a London bookmakers were confused by a choice. Their betting favorites were Albert, Arthur or Alexander.

While Archie is brief for Archibald, what republic did a King Archibald ever rule?

Not that a baby Archie, a initial child of Prince Harry, 35, and Meghan Markle, 37 — forgive me, a Duke and Duchess of Sussex — will ever turn aristocrat of England.

There are usually too many people with king-like names forward of him in a line to attain Queen Elizabeth, II, who is 93.

Still, Archie is not doing that bad in a name department. He has 4 of them. His full name is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, so he could be nicknamed Harry, Monty, or even Winnie.

Yet even if Archie is usually a aristocrat or stays a duke, a pretension Prince Archie, or Archie, Duke of Sussex, lacks a stately ring to it.

Archie ever apropos aristocrat is a longest of longshots, anyway, like Country House, a 65-1 longshot winning a Kentucky Derby. Of course, Country House usually won after a favorite Maximum Security was disqualified.

Currently baby Archie has a lot of horses in front of him, 6 to be exact, and not a 19 that Country House faced.

First in line to attain Queen Elizabeth II is a ever- studious Charles, 72, Prince of Wales, who is Elizabeth’s son. He is followed by his son Prince William, 37, Duke of Cambridge; and afterwards by his 3 children, Prince George, 6; Princess Charlotte, 4; and Prince Louis, 1. After Prince Louis comes Harry, Duke of Sussex, 35, who is Archie’s father. Then comes Archie.

This is not to contend that a 6 royals forward of Archie would ever be unfit from turn England’s monarch. But bizarre things happen, like during a Kentucky Derby.

For instance, King Edward VIII abdicated a bench in 1936 in sequence to marry Wallis Simpson, a twice divorced American socialite. Markle, an actress, is also a divorced American.

Edward’s abandonment done his hermit George aristocrat and, on his genocide in 1952, his daughter Elizabeth became queen. Megan Markle is an American divorcee, too, and is a daughter of a churned marriage.

The bottom line is that Archie will never turn aristocrat of England. And that is substantially a service to former English rulers with challenging names like William a Conqueror, King Richard a Lionheart, Henry VIII, and Shakespeare’s Henry V who spoken those his imperishable lines to his group on St. Crispin’s Day: “‘We few, we happy few, we rope of brothers” before a Battle of Agincourt.

It is a contrition that there is no author around currently like Shakespeare, who wrote plays about English kings as good as Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear and Julius Caesar, to write a stately play called Archie a Great.

With all a Brexit and European Union problems confronting a United Kingdom, maybe now is a time for a Brits to cruise appointing a personality with American roots to lead a nation.

No, this is not to advise that Meghan Markle reinstate or attain Queen Elizabeth, nonetheless Markle critics have suggested that she is already behaving like a queen. Nor does it meant she has to pull people out of a approach to make approach for Archie.

But if Prince William would step aside, afterwards his hermit Harry, who is Archie’s father, could pierce adult to second place, usually after successor apparent Prince Charles. Being second is improved than being seventh. And King Charles, during age 72, could not be approaching to sequence for many years.

Once William succeeds his father there is even a longshot probability that he could be swayed to abdicate, like his grandfather. Then Harry would turn aristocrat and Archie would be initial in line and eventually turn aristocrat himself. It’s all in a family.

If this sounds difficult and foolish, it is, usually as it was difficult and ridiculous to consider that Donald Trump would ever turn president.

While there are no famous Brits named Archie, there is one that got away. He was Archie Leach, from a English operative class, who left for America. He went to Hollywood, altered his name to Cary Grant and became a famous film star.

So, there is hope.

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