Pelosi: Trump Dishonored God By Walking Away From Paris Accord


Friday during her weekly press briefing, Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), pronounced President Donald Trump’s preference to repel from a Paris meridian agreement was a “dishonor ” to God.

Pelosi said, “This is a matter of environmental justice. Lower income and minority families are disproportionately exposed to a ravages of a meridian crisis. It’s polite rights issue. Environmental probity is. And we have a dignified shortcoming in further to a inhabitant security, a economy and a health of a children. We have a dignified responsibility. We contingency leave destiny generations with a healthy, tolerable planet. Faith leaders, starting with a Holiness Pope Francis, to a devout community, have urged us to be obliged stewards of a beauty of God’s creation. They trust as we live that this world is God’s origination and we have a dignified shortcoming to be good stewards of it.”

“When we work with devout communities, we put together a meridian legislation 10 years ago, 9 years ago,” she continued. “They had their novel that pronounced that we had a dignified shortcoming to be good stewards of God’s creation, and in doing so, we contingency compensate special courtesy to a needs of a poor. we saw it as an environmental probity emanate as good in a devout community. When a pope went to a White House, he talked about a dangers of atmosphere wickedness when he was here. Just final week, a pope met with President Trump and gave him a duplicate of his encyclical, that done a clever box to hindrance a meridian crisis. The pope wrote a meridian is a common good belonging to all and meant for all. The Bible tells us to apportion to a needs of God’s origination is an act of worship. To omit those needs is to disrepute a God who done us and that is what we are doing by walking divided from this accord.”

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