Patch 4.05 Preview: The Lost Canals of Uznair

Patch 4.05 Preview: The Lost Canals of Uznair - Final Fantasy XIV -

The Final Fantasy XIV site has a new mini preview of a new plcae entrance with refurbish 4.05 on Tuesday subsequent Tuesday. The blog is packaged with images from The Lost Canals of Uznair that “is a same as Aquapolis” yet facilities new, uninformed enemies to face off against. According to a blog, a group has skeleton to serve ascent this plcae over time.

Entering players will find a chest sitting in a center of a building and a new, surprising looking doorway. Once a nonplus is figured out, it opens to a prolonged hallway, something identical to sewers, yet cleaner looking. Along a approach down, players will face off opposite several enemies, eventually heading to a bottom building that is a bullion plated delight. 

Check it out on the Final Fantasy XIV site.

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