Patch 1.08 Goes Live for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Provides New Functions and DLC

As with many vital AAA video diversion releases, Naughty Dog will continue supporting Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End post-launch by diversion rags and downloadable updates into during slightest a nearby future. Following a game’s launch on May 10 2016, a initial vital refurbish has arrived, that enhances a multiplayer experience.

The many poignant member of this refurbish is Patch 1.08, that entrance in during 1.3GB in distance is some-more than only a elementary bugfix update. This patch introduces a Level System to online multiplayer, that Naughty Dog explain to have implemented in response to what they have called “One of a many poignant pieces of feedback” perceived to date. The turn system, that we can swell by by a) completing matches, b) achieving high scores and c) earning medals, comes with 70 levels. Each turn will prerogative we with items, trimming from corpse to chests. Also featured in Patch 1.08 is a rival Ranked Team Deathmatch mode, that will be run over seasons. Season One will final dual months, final on Aug 20th 2016.

This refurbish also provides entrance to Lost Treasures, their initial post-launch calm drop. It includes a code new map recover (Sunken Ruins), new gameplay equipment and impression skins.

You can review some-more about Patch 1.08 and all that it brings around a Official PlayStation Blog.


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