Panthers exist Ceramics

CROOKSVILLE – Maysvlle indispensable one defensive stop in a fourth entertain to sign a win in a furious event opposite Crooksville on Friday night during Village Park.

The Panthers bloody out of a gates to a 14-0 lead in a initial half before wanting a late fourth-quarter stop to acquire a 28-21 Muskingum Valley League win over a Ceramics.

“We found a approach to win,” pronounced Maysville manager Craig Clarke, “We done some stops when we need to. We had a tough time interlude Hinkle in a second half. They took that second half movement and were means to measure on us.”

Late in a fourth, Clarke done some tough decisions during a Ceramics 47-yard line on a fourth-and-3 dilemma. Clarke motionless to punt a round behind to a Ceramics with 2:32 left in a game, “We had suspicion about using a fake, though during a time, we had to rest on a defense.”

Punter Carson Jarrett pinned a Ceramics on their 11. Hinkle picked adult a initial down on a fourth-and-6 from a Ceramics 15 with 2:15 left, though miscues and a pouch left Crooksville in disarray.

“We have to give a kids a lot of credit fighting behind a approach they did,” pronounced Ceramics Coach Chad Mickey. “They did all we asked them to do. We have a lot of hiccups to repair on a offense, though we am unapproachable of a bid tonight.”

Maysville quarterback Connor Sidwell was means to keep a Ceramics interior line off change using bootlegs for vast gains on a ground. Sidwell’s 9-yard hasten gave a Panthers an early lead with 6:22 in a first. The scoring expostulate was set adult off a Ceramics fail nearby midfield.

Maysville owned a second entertain with time of possession and scoring chances. Sidwell burnt a Ceramics a second time with another 9-yard hasten for a touchdown, and Caden Mercer put a Panthers adult 14-0 with 1:26 left in a second.

Opening of a second half saw a Panthers burn the Ceramics secondary. A halfback pass from Carson Jarrett to Dallas Rowland went for a 76-yard measure early in a third quarter, creation it 21-0 Panthers after a Mercer additional point.

The Ceramics’ Caden Miller carried a bucket in their second-half resurgence. Miller returned a round to a 50-yard line afterwards Hinkle grounded out a 26-yard scoring run with 7:08 left in a third to get them on a board. Kicker Chip Russell combined a additional indicate to cut a lead to 21-7.

A change in movement gave a Ceramics an event for a large play. Russell strike an onside kick, recovered by a Ceramics during a Panthers’ 36. But a Ceramics’ movement stalled with a 3 and out, but Mickey knew there were opportunities to gain on good margin position.

“Caden gave us opportunities for a offense to measure points,” he said. “It took a offense some time to get going in a second half and we indispensable that movement boost to keep us going.”

Ceramics pinned a Panthers low in their possess domain and forcing a three-and-out, and Miller returned a subsequent punt behind to a Maysville 19. Hinkle afterwards strike Miller on a indirect play for another score, and Russell combined a additional indicate to lift within 21-14.

Maysville grinded out a long, nutritious drive, as Jarrett scored from 14 yards out to give the Panthers some pillow at 28-14 during a 9:57 mark in a fourth.

The Ceramics had another brief margin when Miller returned a kickoff to a Panthers 35. Hinkle gathering a round in to a finish section from 3 yards out after picking adult vicious fourth-and-6 from a Maysville 9 to make it 28-21 Maysville.

“We had a opportunities in a initial half, though we unsuccessful to govern in a initial half,” pronounced Mickey. “We suspicion we had a possibility to go 2-2 tonight. We indispensable this win, though we will have to wait until subsequent week.”

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