Panic is Publishing a Second Game after Firewatch

Panic, one of a most renouned developers for peculiarity iOS and Mac software, have published their 2017 Report that takes a demeanour during what has happened during a association final year.

There’s a lot to accumulate from there, so we suggest that we supplement a URL to your favorite “read later” app. But if you’re still in a hurry, here are some important pieces from it:

The association expelled Transmit 5 and shipped a record sum of 39 releases opposite all their apps. They also softened their QA routine and their assistance library, started releasing educational videos on their official YouTube channel and also softened a infrastructure powering their websites.

In a entrance months, Panic will tell Firewatch for Nintendo Switch and work is underway for “Coda Next”, that is what they’re job “a sum rewrite of a macOS chronicle of Coda”. Last though not a least, there’s this:

A Second Game

Soon we will also announce a second video diversion we’ll be publishing! The follow-up to a strike diversion Firewatch will be a new diversion from a opposite studio that is not during all like Firewatch though is positively delightful. Keep an eye on a blog and Twitter for a large reveal.

Panic is one of a many worshiped companies out there, and we can’t wait to see what 2018 is going to be like for them.

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