Panic Button Shares Their Impossible Dream: Porting Horizon Zero Dawn to Switch

Panic Button is obliged for some of a biggest ports for a Nintendo Switch including Rocket League, DOOM, and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. The studio is rebellious another large pier for a Switch with a renouned MMO Warframe. But if a studio had a chance, Panic Button would adore to pier another large diversion to a Switch. To bad it will substantially never happen.

In an talk with a studio behind a big-name Switch ports would adore to tackle Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s a beautiful-looking, massively open universe diversion that would certainly be a plea to fist onto a Nintendo Switch. Of course, that’s aside from a fact that given Horizon is a PlayStation 4 disdainful it will substantially never leave a PlayStation system.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Still, Panic Button appears to be articulate mostly about a plea of porting a diversion as large as Horizon Zero Dawn to a Switch rather than spirit during any destiny plans. When we spoke to Panic Button during E3 2018 a group suggested that it is branching off to make a possess strange IPs.

If anyone can tackle Horizon Zero Dawn and put it on a Switch yet there’s a good possibility it’s Panic Button. Their stream project, Warframe, is also a large endeavour and we’ll see in a destiny how it pans out. Check out a Horizon Zero Dawn beam if you’re checking out Guerrilla’s open-world diversion on a local PS4 console.

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