Palmer Luckey is in Japan Cosplaying as Quiet From Metal Gear Solid V

Palmer Luckey‘s had a severe time of things in new months. Back in Sep 2016 he was outed as a tip donor to Nimble America, a organisation who directed to change a US election, embarrassingly, by approach of “meme magic.” In Mar 2017 he left Oculus, a association he co-founded, before appearing in justice in their authorised conflict with ZeniMax, who eventually sued Oculus for $500 million for violation an NDA and “stealing trade secrets.”

But while many would prowl into a shadows after such a discouraging array of events, Luckey has instead opted to transport to Japan and cosplay as Quiet, a hardly clad murderer from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. No, we’re not wholly certain because this happened, but a game’s creator Hideo Kojima has retweeted a images, so he clearly supports Luckey’s bold choice.

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Luckey was assimilated by a lady also cosplaying as Quiet, with a span posing for photos with one another:

He even attempted out this hulk 4K helmet from Sony while dressed as a diversion character:

Luckey retweeted one of a images early this morning, writing: “A Weapon to Surpass Metal Gear.”

There’s no word nonetheless on if Luckey has journeyed over to Japan for business reasons or to simply beauty a country’s adults with his considerable Quiet outfit, though it seems that his cosplaying ambitions don’t finish during MGSV. In a twitter posted final month, Luckey wrote: “Anyone else seen Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa)? Saw it again final night, extraordinary film. I am meditative about cosplaying as Mitsuha.” With so most speak about Luckey’s subsequent career trail following his exit from Oculus, maybe a 24-year-old simply wants to transport a world

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