Overwatch’s Tracer Is The Best And we Love Her

Every impression in Overwatch is different. It’s one of a many apparent (and fascinating) things about a game. There are large characters, tiny characters, conflict characters, support characters… and there’s Tracer, my new sum favorite character.

Tracer is simply a many iconic Overwatch hero—she’s was a “star” of a initial large proclamation film and is some-more or reduction a face of a game—but for my initial few weeks, we hardly played as her. She’s discerning and squishy, designed some-more to bother a hostile group from behind than to tarry a frontal assault.

When personification conflict characters we tended to opt for some-more receptive alternatives like my buttress Soldier 76, who fundamentally plays like a slower, deadlier Tracer, or Reaper, who is nonetheless slower and deadlier-er.


Playing Tracer good requires a significantly opposite proceed from only about each other impression in a game. (Genji seems closest, though we don’t disaster with Genji. Maybe if we start personification on PC.) She moves so fast that it’s easy to drive her off a precipice or into a wall, though if we tract your vectors properly, we can get in and out of roughly any conditions alive.

When we initial started personification Overwatch we attempted personification as Tracer, though we hadn’t worked out her sold tempo. we died a lot, so we motionless maybe we didn’t like her. This was a mistake.


All Overwatch characters pierce to their possess beat, assembled in a space between their transformation speed, their reload speed, and a timing on their ability cooldowns. Because of her three-part speed-warp ability, Tracer’s kick has a few some-more subdivisions than many other Overwatch heroes. She takes a bit some-more removing used to.

I talked with a few of my friends who played Tracer a lot, and got a few tips. “Only fire during people who aren’t looking during you” was a good one. “Play routes that round around to medkits” was also solid. “Remap your burst to a left shoulder button” has been helpful.

Here’s what personification Tracer has amounted to, for me:

  1. Run around behind rivalry lines, alone. (This is already distinct any other impression we play.) When a rest of your group is attacking, cocktail out and fire people unequivocally quickly. Always have an shun planned.
  2. Shoot people from operation to weird them out though don’t even worry about murdering them. Distract from a categorical conflict and count on your team’s stronger characters to take out a enemies we distract.
  3. Keep a tighten eye on your rewind ability, and use it fundamentally any time we take damage. Be certain we aren’t using around in a same space too long, since rewind is many some-more useful if it takes we behind to behind a dilemma or some other cover.
  4. Basically be a outrageous jerk, all a time, forever.

Some levels work unequivocally good for Tracer (anything with lots of interiors and doorways), some reduction good (anything with some-more open spaces). we have a many fun personification her on teams that are orderly for a Reinhardt-led categorical assault. It’s many reduction fun to play as her on a group essentially done adult of fast-moving repairs dealers, or one with mixed Tracers. (This is expected since I’m not indeed really good during Overwatch and do improved when a hostile group is distracted.)


Switching to Tracer has highlighted one of a best things about this kind of game—if we start removing bored, we can only switch to a impression we never play. I’d gotten into a Soldier/Mercy/Reinhardt/Lucio slit for a while, and all was starting to feel routine. Now we feel like I’m personification a whole other game, and we devise to be irritating a shit out of my opponents for many hours to come.

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