Overwatch’s Symmetra Mains Agree: The Problem Is Other Players

Despite essay for sequence and change in all things, Symmetra has always been a peculiar lady out on Overwatch’s favourite roster. On a verge of yet another rework, Symmetra mains—often a boundary of written abuse—say that notwithstanding everything, they don’t wish her to change all that much.

Symmetra is a impression who customarily can’t seem to orderly container into Overwatch’s ever-expanding pantheon. The Indian architect-turned-corporate-superspy has been around given Overwatch first came out, yet distinct other supports, she doesn’t heal, nor is she a DPS, tank, or even a invulnerability hero, either. Her pack centers around small turrets that she can hang to walls and other surfaces, as good as a lamp cannon that saps enemies’ health. Blizzard already reworked her once behind in 2016, replacing an ability that let her give armor to particular teammates with proxy holo-shields. In hopes of creation her some-more than customarily a first-point invulnerability hero, Blizzard also let her collect from dual ults: her aged teleporter, and a generator that gives her whole group additional HP in a form of shields.

She is not, by any widen of a imagination, a candid favourite to play. In Overwatch’s stream meta, where postulated recovering and tide-turning ultimates from Mercy, Zenyatta, Lucio, and Moira win a day, renouned opinion says we should never collect Symmetra over a support who can heal.

As a result, she’s plainly maligned by many of a game’s actor bottom and is, so far, a customarily favourite that has never been comparison in any Overwatch League match. Her collect rate in unchanging matches is also among a lowest, and in ranked play, she’s commonly compared with “one-tricking”—the use of customarily being good with a specific favourite and refusing to switch.


So Symmetra’s repute is swirling a bottom of Jeff Kaplan’s golden toilet. Sounds like a ideal time for an overhaul, right? Not according to a people who venerate her. Some people venerate Symmetra. They’ve put hundreds of hours into her. They’ve reached a game’s top echelons with her. They’ve built communities around her. They consider a abilities that make her seem fiddly and situational to a untrained eye make her lethal in expert, ideally manicured hands.

“Loaded adult a beta. Saw an Indian lady and suspicion ‘Hey, that is flattering singular in a game’ so attempted her out,” actor (and Ubisoft code manager) Raj Patel pronounced around DM. “Instantly hooked.” He sum that zero about Symmetra is quite strong, yet her webs of lamp turrets—which we build out as we please, as yet you’re personification an RTS or tower-defense game—catch random teams like untimely flies. In a disharmony of battle, she brings order. Deadly order.

Symmetra, however, is not a high-skill favourite in a traditional, reflex-oriented sense. Her turrets do their possess thing once they’re set up, her lamp cannon thatch onto circuitously enemies, and her ults take a form of still structures. For players who aren’t good during normal FPS games, she creates for an appealing pick.


“This is going to countenance some of a misfortune things people contend about Symmetra mains, yet when we started Overwatch we was shocked of my aim,” a actor named Lily Propes told me in an email. “I don’t consider that’s a bad thing though,” she said. “One of a good things about Overwatch is how permitted it is to people who don’t have a credentials in things like Call of Duty and TF2.”

Skilled Symmetras commend that a mental side of fight is customarily as vicious as, say, a Genji who can cut by enemies with such pointing that a chairman personification him competence be an actual, flesh-and-oil-instead-of-blood cyborg. “She requires vicious thinking,” pronounced a best-named Symmetra actor on earth, Symmetramaindontban, around DM. “I would many rather consider about how to solve an emanate and afterwards govern it in a special approach than repair a problem by sharpened during it.”


Most of a 30 Symmetra mains we talked to for this story insisted that, given space to strategize and position their structures, they can hoop customarily about anything either on invulnerability (where Symmetra is generally strongest) or offense. The problem, they say, is mostly that other players don’t know how to hoop carrying a Symmetra on their team, and they lash out.

“I get crap about picking her regardless of if a mic is on or off,” a actor named Alyse Stanley told me in an email. “If it’s off, players spam ‘thank you’ in front of me or ‘I need healing,’ even when we have dual healers! And are on defense!”


Stanley’s practice relate those of many others, who guess that they face inspection or undisguised abuse between 50 to 90 percent of a time they collect Symmetra, generally in a game’s rival mode. It positively doesn’t assistance that Symmetra has spin a fun to some players, who’ll collect her and try to remove ranked games on purpose if they’re feeling indignant or customarily wish to be an asshole. As a result, some people demeanour during Symmetra and see all they depreciate about Overwatch, and afterwards they plan that onto their teammates.

“Community family between me as a Symmetra categorical and a village as a whole… has taken a fee on my mental health in a approach that eventually gathering me divided from personification her as mostly as we once did,” a actor named Dan Oceans told me in an email. Overwatch’s anti-toxicity stating functions, while useful, still need him to continue toxicity before stating it, he said. The damage, during that point, is already done. “The rivalry group would constantly tell me to kill myself,” he continued. “At one indicate we was told that someone hoped my mom died and to tell them when.”


Reactions like these lead to a refrain many Overwatch players will substantially recognize: To switch or not to switch? Many Symmetra mains we spoke to pronounced they’re ideally happy to pierce over to another support or invulnerability favourite if it seems like a conditions calls for it—and also since if they don’t, their group will lean and tumble apart. “I positively will switch so as not to lean a group into oblivion,” pronounced a actor named Mysticsphere in a DM. “However, if we didn’t have to, we substantially wouldn’t. we know for a fact that Sym works unequivocally good on Attack on some maps, yet of march it’s an ascending conflict perplexing to remonstrate your group of that yet them fiery you.”

Player Anthony Westbrook told me a recoil got so bad that he’s taken to preempting it. “Usually we start off by observant ‘Hey, y’all. I’m best with Sym, yet we can also play Lucio, Reinhardt, Orisa, Junkrat, and Soldier. Any requests?’ And afterwards we customarily finish adult personification a tank, yet infrequently someone will contend ‘Play whoever you’re best with.’ And afterwards we collect Sym, and no one gets upset, and we customarily do great,” he said.

Even then, though, Symmetra’s repute mostly precedes her. “I have already gotten a warning observant we have been put underneath a ‘avoid player’ choice by a lot of people, so my reserve times are unequivocally long,” pronounced Symmetramaindontban, who’s managed to make it adult to Overwatch’s second-highest ranking tier, Grandmaster. Of all particular heroes, they have a many time with Symmetra, yet their sum time spent on healers edges out their sum time on Symmetra. Despite that, they’ve spin something of a pariah. “No one checks your form if they see we collect Sym,” they said. “There is a 90 percent possibility they assume you’re a one-trick, and afterwards you’re reported. That’s how bad people hatred Sym.”


The Symmetra mains we spoke to, then, perspective Blizzard’s arriving redo of a impression with trepidation, yet also as an event for a uninformed start. “I wish a redo helps a village notice of her,” pronounced Ocean. “I don’t consider this will totally change it, yet we wish that some-more people are peaceful to accept that she can be useful if people assistance her out sometimes. Genji needs a rivalry group to be dreaming so he can flank. Why can’t Sym have that be a box while she sets adult turrets or flanks herself?”

Other players suggested that while Symmetra could use some tweaks here and there, a biggest problem is that her efficacy in conflict isn’t well-communicated to other players by a game.


“It’s unequivocally tough to see all she does to assistance a team,” pronounced Johan Westring, who has 400 hours on Symmetra. “For example, we have 5000+ repairs blocked this season, and that’s repairs that would have had to been healed otherwise,” he said. Symmetra also doesn’t get many final blows, he noted, yet sets adult tons of kills with her turrets’ delayed effect, and her invulnerability ult can spin crisp DPSes into unstoppable murdering machines.

Unfortunately, Overwatch’s post-match stat cards and “Play of a Game” underline don’t promulgate any of this consistently. Heck, your teammates can’t even see your turrets by walls like we can, so they’re not indispensably wakeful of a plan underlying your positioning. Unless we also play Symmetra a lot yourself, it’s tough to know customarily how many small things she does in a feverishness of battle.


All that Blizzard has pronounced for certain about a revamp is that it’ll re-classify Symmetra from a support favourite to a invulnerability hero. This puts her alongside everybody from associate turret-builder Torbjorn to sniper black Widowmaker. For a many part, it’s in line with what people wish from Symmetra’s subsequent iteration: a delay of a brains-over-brawn truth that underlies her stream kit. But it does have people somewhat disturbed that Blizzard has mislaid steer of support as one of a character’s categorical mentalities. Some are disturbed that, no matter what happens, Symmetra will be remade into somebody she’s not.

“I’m not looking brazen to a redo during all,” pronounced Raj Patel. “With how many Sym has been neglected for over a year now, we don’t consider there is many bargain of how she works and her value, outward a bar of Sym mains. we consider her playstyle will totally change to damp all a meta-mains who don’t know her.”


“Symmetra needs this redo to repair some of her core problems, and maybe even make her viable,” pronounced another Symmetra main, Anon-miscat, around DM. “Hopefully afterwards teammates will be a small kinder, yet a genius that Sym is such a bad impression is so inbred in a ubiquitous community’s mind that we consider no volume of compliance will make Sym an supposed pick.”

Symmetra mains, though, are about as dedicated as Overwatch players come. If we consider a small thing like seismic shake can shock them off, well, I’d spin around if we were you, since you’re substantially about to eat a laser lamp to a face.

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