Overwatch’s subsequent favourite is Wrecking Ball, a superintelligent hamster in a giant, rolling mech suit

Overwatch has suggested a latest favourite to join a register of a renouned online multiplayer shooter — Wrecking Ball: a hamster named Hammond who pilots a giant, rolling, machine-gun versed mech suit. That’s a array of difference that we would peril have never been put together in that method before today.

Wrecking Ball will be a 28th member of a roster. He’s a tank-class hero, with quick mobility options that let him hurl around a battlefield, and some critical continuance due to his Adaptive Shield ability, that generates additional helmet for him when he’s surrounded by some-more enemies. Wrecking Ball also has a grappling scratch that will let him pitch around a margin (and repairs enemies that he hits), as good as a “Piledriver” belligerent bruise ability for slamming foes into a floor. His ultimate ability is “Minefield,” that — as a name suggests — allows him to muster a margin of mines, that should be useful for shutting off lanes for flanking foes or fortifying checkpoints.

Wrecking Ball doesn’t technically pronounce any tellurian languages — though according to Blizzard, his mech automatically translates his voice in a “fittingly ominous tone.”

While Hammond competence seem a bit out there as a concept, there is dominance in Overwatch’s science for technologically advanced, hyper-intelligent animals — one usually need to demeanour during Winston, a hulk chimpanzee who is a cornerstone of a Overwatch brand. In a game’s lore, Hammond was partial of a same examination on a Horizon Lunar Colony as Winston, and personally transient alongside a drastic chimpanzee when a other experiments rose adult and killed a scientists on board.

Wrecking Ball should be rolling out (pun intended) on a Overwatch PTR exam servers now for PC players, and will presumably strike consoles someday in a nearby future.

Update Jun 28th, 2:25PM ET: Updated post with some-more information now that Blizzard has strictly announced Wrecking Ball.

Update Jun 28th, 10:33AM ET: On closer inspection, it seems a new favourite is a hamster, not a chipmunk. Like in a hamster ball.

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