Overwatch’s Most Popular Player Says Picking New Team Was ‘One Of The Hardest’ Decisions Of His Life

As was foretold (by himself), Brandon “Seagull” Larned is back. But a DPS hustler didn’t lapse to partially Shaq-owned group NRG Esports. In a pierce that astounded many, he’s jumped boat to Team EnvyUs.

Earlier this year, Seagull stepped away from a top levels of pro Overwatch play to dedicate himself to streaming. At a time, he pronounced heading a double life—pro actor by day, pennon whenever he could fit it in—had ragged his courtesy camber down to a lifeless nub, and Overwatch’s rival stage was in dilapidation due to a miss of clarity surrounding Blizzard’s Overwatch League. Seagull earnings to a really opposite rival landscape, with many organizations carrying forsaken their Overwatch teams wholly while a changed few have split over upwards of $20 million for spots in a Overwatch League. Seagull motionless to make some changes, too.

While streaming on Twitch (via Dot Esports), Seagull explained that he entertained “a flattering outrageous variety” of offers from Overwatch League teams. “It was substantially one of a hardest decisions of my lifetime,” Seagull said. While he couldn’t go into a lot of specifics due to a private inlet of many conversations, he pronounced he motionless to go with EnvyUs since of a “cultural fit, stream roster, and how good a org was.”


That final partial is a bit of an understatement. EnvyUs has been abrasive a foe in Blizzard’s central Overwatch teenager league, Contenders, and is regulating to float that movement into a initial deteriorate of Overwatch League as a group representing Dallas, Texas. They’re deliberate one of a best teams in a universe and are expected a best North American group during a moment.

Seagull, famous for his strange Genji and Pharah plays, won’t be holding over for anybody else on Envy’s already enviable squad. Instead, the team’s owners says that they “will be rotating players in and out formed on a plan all a approach down to a per map basis.”

Unfortunately, there’s still no word on when Seagull will make his cooking uncover debut.

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