Overwatch’s Horizon Lunar Colony map launches subsequent week

Overwatch regularly updates a diversion with code new maps that not usually give players uninformed battlegrounds to quarrel in, though also offer as a means to tell a game’s ever-growing story. Blizzard only announced that the Horizon Lunar Colony will come out of testing subsequent week and will go live on Jun 20.

In a behind-the-scenes video above, a Blizzard developer mentions that his favorite maps are a ones that “have a clever story offshoot and a clever impression hook”. Overwatch players know that a Horizon Lunar Colony is a home of a game’s scientist gorilla, Winston. Now that a map will be playable, fans will be means to try a bottom and expose some-more of his story and because he left a Moon in a initial place.

The new map promises to broach new gameplay elements, like a low sobriety area, as good as recreations of areas seen in a game’s “Recall” charcterised short.

If you’re looking for all a latest Overwatch news, afterwards conduct over to a sister site Heroes Never Die. It’s a code new Polygon skill that exclusively covers a universe of Overwatch.

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