Overwatch World Cup organisation theatre breakdown

Overwatch League withdrawals? Us too. No fear, a Overwatch League World Cup kicks off tonight during 11 p.m. ET on ESPN3.

Here’s what we need to know.

What: The third annual tellurian Overwatch foe with a sum esteem pool of $488,000.

Who: Twenty-four countries divided into 4 organisation stages (six teams per grouping). Top-two countries from any organisation theatre will afterwards contest in a Overwatch World Cup 2018 finals to climax a champion.

Where: The 4 organisation stages will be hold in cities opposite a globe: Incheon, South Korea, Los Angeles, Bangkok and Paris. The finals will take place in Anaheim during BlizzCon 2018.

When: Group stages run from Aug. 16-Sept. 23. Overwatch World Cup 2018 finals will take place from Nov. 2-3.

Prize Pool: Each of a 24 teams will accept $15,000 for competing with an additional $16,000 awarded to any of a 8 teams who allege to a Overwatch World Cup 2018 finals.

Country Selection: Through a finish of rival Season 9 (April 28), a 20 countries with a tip normal ability rating (SR) of any country’s tip 150 players were invited to finish in a 2018 Overwatch World Cup. The 4 hosts (France, South Korea, Thailand and a United States) automatically qualified. If a horde nation creates a top-20 by normal SR, a 21st-ranked nation will take their spot, and so on.

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  • Team Breakdown: Each nation will be represented by a ubiquitous manager, manager and village leader. The fasten comparison General Managers while a Overwatch actor bottom voted on coaches and village leaders (final turn of manager voting is singular to top-150 players in any region). Rosters enclose adult to 12 players, top-seven players transport to any Overwatch World Cup event.

    Match Details: Each compare will include of 4 maps, and a intensity fifth map if a measure is tied after 4 maps. Map preference and sequence for all groups and matches will be motionless by Blizzard.

    Group Stages:

    South Korea is a transparent favorite to allege from this group, and win a whole event. South Korea has won any of a prior dual Overwatch World Cups and has nonetheless to remove a singular compare in a routine (13-0, +36 map differential).

    The South Korean organisation is a usually organisation with all 12 players on Overwatch League (OWL) rosters and is one of 3 teams to have an OWL coach, Hyeon-sang “Pavane” Yu of a New York Excelsior. Pavane picked adult 6 players from a Excelsior, a many players from one OWL organisation on one Overwatch World Cup team.

    The rest of a register consists of All-Star size players from around a league, literally. Eleven of their twelve players were comparison to join a OWL All-Star diversion in August, 6 of that will be starting.

    Outside of South Korea, Finland and Russia are a many expected to advance. Finland (7) and Russia (2) are a usually dual others teams in a organisation to underline Overwatch League players. Team Russia finished second in a initial Overwatch World Cup 2016 (losing to South Korea), though unsuccessful to make it out of a organisation theatre in 2017. Finland also had a clever display in 2016, finishing fourth, though they also unsuccessful to make it out of a organisation theatre in 2017.

    The Los Angeles organisation looks to be one of a many predicted of a 4 groupings, with USA and Canada as a favorites. The United States has 9 Overwatch League players, second many among all countries, and has finished among a top-eight any of a final dual Overwatch World Cups. The USA also has a manager of Dallas Fuel, Aaron “Aero” Atkins, who after holding over a Fuel in Stage 4, led a organisation to a 6-4 record (more wins than it had in Stages 1-3 combined) and an coming in a Stage 4 playoffs.

    Canada, on a other hand, has 5 stream OWL players and Félix “xQc” Lengyel, who was kicked off a Dallas Fuel register during Stage 2 after mixed suspensions. Outside of USA and Canada, nothing of a other countries in this organisation has any players from a Overwatch League, so it is tough to suppose one of them advancing over a organisation stage.

    From a Bangkok group, design Sweden to allege with relations ease. Sweden’s register contains 8 Overwatch fasten players (third most), and 4 of those players were on a same organisation (Florida Mayhem). That synergy should work to Team Sweden’s advantage, generally deliberation Florida Mayhem conduct manager Vytis “Mineral” Lasaitis will also be coaching Team Sweden. The Swedes have finished among a top-three any of a prior dual Overwatch World Cups; a usually other organisation to do so was South Korea.

    Outside of Sweden, a rest of a organisation appears to be far-reaching open. Spain could be a favorite to allege with 3 OWL players, though China and Australia both finished among a top-eight in 2017.

    The Paris organisation is maybe a many indeterminate of all groups. There are usually 5 OWL players in a whole organisation and France has 4 of them, creation them an early favorite. France finished fourth in 2017 and fifth in 2016, fasten South Korea and Sweden as a usually countries to finish top-five any of a dual prior Overwatch World Cups.

    Outside of Team France, a United Kingdom competence be a other organisation to watch here. The register facilities a usually non-French actor from a OWL in this group, Isaac “Boombox” Charles of a Philadelphia Fusion. United Kingdom finished fifth in 2017, though did not validate in 2016.

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