Overwatch Will Fix Reinhardt’s Laggy Hammer on Patch 1.12

A integrate weeks agoOverwatch tank mains were in a tizzy. Specifically, ever given the Anniversary patch, Reinhardt’s produce has been feeling a aged German warrior’s age. It was delayed to respond, heavily influenced by ping, and altogether not scarcely as manageable as it needs to be in a center of a fight.

Per Warnecke’s comments during a time, that was not ostensible to happen. Worse yet, distinct Genji’s possess melee-range latency antics, it’s not as if Reinhardt gets any variable automatic advantages during low ping either. It’s zero though a obstacle to his play. But given Bill’s comments today, we will finally shortly see it fixed:

Hey folks, we’ve done some fixes for Reinhardt’s produce in a arriving 1.12 release. We’ll guard for feedback after we get a possibility to try it out and make additional changes afterwards if necessary. 

Thanks for your patience, contemptible this one has taken us a while, it’s been a bit complicated. 


Notably: this is also a patch implementing a new Horizon Lunar Colony map, Reaper’s vampiric automatic changes, and Roadhog trade one-shot-kills for a some-more unchanging spray-down of damage. McCree players will generally have reasons to celebrate, given a buffs to his ult to make it some-more unchanging (and reduction pardonable to dodge).


  • Targets now start locking on after 0.2 seconds, instead of 0.8 seconds.
  • Damage amassed over a initial 1.0 seconds increasing from 20 to 80 (damage per second after a initial 1.0 seconds is unchanged).

Controversially, this will also be a patch to put Oni Genji and Officer D.Va into classical rob boxes. While additions to Overwatch‘s core content’s customarily appreciated, this does rather annul a bid spent in Heroes of a Storm to get a same skins.

As Patch 1.12 isn’t approaching utterly yet, that means Overwatch’s Reinhardt mains will still have to understanding with a loiter issues for a small while longer. 

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