Overwatch Update Out Now, Makes Major Hanzo Changes; Patch Notes Released

A new Overwatch refurbish is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and it presents some poignant changes for a game. Blizzard has not only introduced a new map, Rialto, though it’s also expelled poignant change updates for several character–with a biggest of a garland being a long-awaited revamp of Hanzo.

Blizzard has been operative on an refurbish for Hanzo for some time. As minute in a full patch notes, this finally implements a changes that have been tested on a PTR recently. He loses his Scatter Arrow ability, that has prolonged been a frustrating member of his pack for enemies. In a place, he gets Storm Arrows, that lets him fast glow as many as 6 arrows. Each of these does reduction repairs than a customary arrow, though they’re any dismissed during max power.

Another new ability for Hanzo is Lunge. By dire burst while he’s in mid-air, he’s means to jump horizontally. Additionally, his default conflict gets a tweak, with his arrows relocating some-more quickly. Sonic Arrow, that is used to prominence a plcae of enemies nearby a alighting spot, has been practiced to be used some-more mostly though final for a shorter duration. Its cooldown is now 12 seconds (down from 20), a generation is 6 seconds (down from 10), and a radius is 7 meters (down from 10).

“The idea of these Hanzo changes is to concede him to have new options and say his high repairs output, while stealing a disappointment of fighting opposite a aged Scatter Arrow,” Blizzard explained. “Hanzo is now most some-more mobile with his new Lunge ability, and with a multiple of a crawl missile speed boost and a new Storm Arrows ability he can now understanding his high repairs some-more consistently than ever before.”

Other favourite updates are reduction impactful though still noteworthy. The missile distance of Junkrat’s Frag Launcher is now smaller, and his RIP-Tire is somewhat slower. Lucio’s Wall Ride should generally be some-more arguable and now even lets him go around corners but withdrawal a wall. His Soundwave ability also doesn’t devour ammo and can be activated while he’s reloading.

Rialto, a new map
Rialto, a new map
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Tracer’s Pulse Bomb loses a cube of a damage, a change that is meant to make it reduction lethal to tanks (while still permitting it to kill other characters). The hitbox distance of Genji’s inhibit is now smaller, and a cone angle of Brigitte’s Shield Bash has been reduced.

The residue of a patch deals essentially with regulating some slow bugs and adding some options for tradition games. Those embody a ability to invalidate Mercy’s passive, Regeneration.

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