Overwatch Update for PS4 Now Out, Competitive Play Added Along With New Features & Tweaks

July 1, 2016
Written by Alex Co


Blizzard has only rolled out a latest Overwatch refurbish and this one is disdainful to a PlayStation 4. Clocking in during 1.3GB, a patch has a few bug fixes, favourite tweaks and even some new features. And yes, one of these new facilities is “Competitive Play.”

Without serve ado, check out a finish changelog below.

New Feature: Competitive Play
Overwatch is lifting a bar for rival players, giving them a ideal locus to whet their skills and file their strategies. Introducing Competitive Play.

Competitive Play is designed for players who truly wish to put their skills to a test, and offers a some-more vicious knowledge than a Quick Play or Weekly Brawl! modes. To make certain everybody personification a mode has a plain bargain of a game’s mechanics, maps, and heroes, Competitive Play will be sealed until we strike turn 25.

Once we strech turn 25, a mode will turn accessible underneath a “Play” symbol in a categorical menu. Simply name “Competitive Play” from a submenu, and you’re prepared to enter a match. You can join on your possess or in a group, and Overwatch’s matchmaking complement will automatically find a best diversion probable for your (or your group’s) ability level.

Gamepad Controls

  • Players can now barter a left and right sticks on a control pad
  • “Legacy” controls choice has been added:
    • Left hang up/down moves forward/backward
    • Left hang left/right turns left/right
    • Right hang up/down aims up/down (these can be inverted)
    • Right hang left/right strafes left/right
    • Sticks can also be switched
  • Improved dead-zone controls, giving players increasing correctness during off-center and erratic hang movement
  • Added an choice to adjust Aim Assist strength (defaults to full strength)


  • “Weapons” territory combined to a Hero Gallery
  • Added McCree as an AI favourite in Practice vs. AI, Play vs. AI, and Custom Game modes
  • Disabled “Avoid This Player” functionality and private choice from a diversion UI

Developer Comments: The “Prefer”/”Avoid” actor complement was designed with a best intentions; however, it’s not now behaving in a approach that we feel is healthy for a game. While a “Prefer This Player” choice is some-more or reduction operative as dictated (and is so still enabled), a “Avoid This Player” choice has impacted a matchmaker in disastrous approach and led to some really bad actor practice opposite a board. Although we like a thought of being means to contend “hey, I’d cite not to play with this person,” a doing of a automechanic is not where it needs to be. We’re still looking during ways to iterate and urge on facilities that commission players to revoke toxicity and nuisance in their games; we only wish to be certain these facilities don’t incidentally retaliate certain village members as a side-effect.



  • Peacekeeper
    • Alternate Fire
      • Recovery time (i.e. a volume of time before McCree starts reloading) decreased from 0.75 seconds to 0.3 seconds
      • Bullet repairs decreased from 70 to 45

Developer Comments: McCree was behaving too good opposite all targets, creation him feel like a must-pick in many situations. By shortening a repairs of his swap fire, McCree is now significantly weaker opposite tanks like Roadhog and Reinhardt, though still maintains his malignancy opposite smaller targets like Tracer and Genji.


    • Widow’s Kiss
      • Alternate Fire (Scoped Shot)
        • Base repairs decreased from 15 to 12
          • Note: Scoped shot repairs multiplier stays unchanged
        • Headshot repairs multiplier increasing from 2x to 2.5x
        • Players contingency now wait for a unscoping animation to totally finish before scoping
  • Infra-Sight
    • Ultimate cost increasing by 10%
    • When activating Infra-Sight, Widowmaker’s voice line will now be heard map-wide

Developer Comments: In a right hands, Widowmaker can mostly feel unstoppable—even when only alighting physique shots instead of vicious heads shots. The changes to her swap glow break physique shot repairs while withdrawal her headshot repairs unchanged. Additionally, we felt her Ultimate ability, Infra-Sight, was entrance adult a small too frequently, generally deliberation a impact on a game.



  • Fixed a bug preventing players from being means to leave as a group
  • Fixed a bug that would means players’ weapons to auto-snap true adult or down when a crosshair was directed between 85 and 90 degrees
  • Fixed a bug that caused players who backfilled and afterwards finished a diversion to infrequently accept a detriment on their Career Profile and not accept their XP reward for backfilling
  • Fixed a bug that would pierce players toward a source of a knockback rather than divided from it
  • Fixed a bug that caused Hearthstone-themed sprays to omit localization
  • Fixed several framerate issues that could start when cycling by a favourite preference menu
  • Fixed a accumulation of issues with and done several improvements to ambient lighting
  • Made some improvements to how AI heroes respond to one another
  • Made a accumulation of opening and optimization improvements opposite a game


  • Players can no longer be resurrected in out-of-play areas on Ilios
  • Fixed an emanate with collision on certain areas of Dorado not restraint line of sight


  • Fixed a bug with a “Junkrat RIP-Tire Kills—Average” lifetime statistic
  • Fixed a bug that authorised Mercy to benefit Ultimate assign whenever repairs boosting an fan who was aggressive a separator or Ice Wall
  • Fixed a bug that authorised Reaper to Shadow Step to unintended locations on certain maps
  • Fixed a bug that would infrequently means projectiles to strike Reinhardt instead of his Barrier Field
  • Fixed a bug that authorised Torbjörn to collect adult Scrap while dead

Unfortunately, it seems the patch to nerf Torbjorn’s turrets aren’t partial of a refurbish only yet, so you’ll have to be a diminutive bit some-more studious when it Torbjorn stacking. Either that or join in on a fun while a nerf isn’t here nonetheless (which is what I’m doing).

What are we anticipating Blizzard tweaks subsequent for Overwatch? Let’s wish new maps and heroes are partial of a refurbish next.

[Source: Battle.net]

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