Overwatch Stream Shows Tournament Through Eyes Of A Pro

Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

There are copiousness of esports tournaments on this weekend, yet one Overwatch pro is holding his viewers on a outing by a contest from his perspective—a singular discernment into a thoughts and play of rival Overwatch players.

The qualifiers for Overwatch Contenders are holding place this weekend, and renouned actor and pennon Brandon “A_Seagull” Larned is streaming his group “Kelvin and a Chipmunks’” matches on his Twitch channel, comms and all.

It’s singular to get discernment like this, both due to concerns of opponents stream-sniping (Larned is streaming on a delay, per contest rules), or for fear of broadcasting group strategies. When it happens though, it can be a good training knowledge for determined amateurs and infrequent players to see what pros see. Doesn’t harm that Larned and his group are flattering engaging to watch play, too.


The gibberish can get a small blue during times, yet a discernment is fantastic—though Blizzard is putting on a clever production for some Contenders matches, saying games by a eyes of Larned, a gifted Genji and Pharah player, is a totally opposite experience. In some cases, it leads to moments where Larned is literally rupturing by a rivalry team, annihilating them on a doorstep of their respawn.

Other times, it’s his teammates, congratulating any other on a pursuit good done, or a good play of a game.

But for a competitive-minded audience, a many engaging partial of Larned’s tide is conference a group communicating during a matches. Though it’s a group put together privately for the Overwatch Contenders tournament, any member is really talented, and a contention of combination and plan is fascinating for anyone who’s played adequate Overwatch.

As movement heats up, a gibberish becomes some-more frenzied, as players aloud proceed teammates’ glow towards certain targets or advise others that an ultimate is up. Then, a compare ends and it cools down, and a group discusses what went right or wrong, and convenes for a new proceed in a subsequent game.

You can follow a rest of Kelvin and a Chipmunks’ games currently on Larned’s Twitch channel.

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