Overwatch Still Isn’t Ready To Be A Top Esport

Over a weekend, Blizzard hosted a initial spin of qualifiers for Overwatch’s Contenders series, aka a teenager joining to a arriving Overwatch League’s majors. There was some plain action, a integrate surprising upsets, and a lot of Winston dancing. we don’t consider Overwatch is prepared to be a tip esport yet, though.

Don’t get me wrong: Overwatch Contenders is not Overwatch League, and we don’t consider it should be judged as such. It does, however, paint a arrange of canary in a spark cave before a large show. This is a possibility for Blizzard to labour a prolongation and spin Overwatch into something that’s fun to watch and easy to digest.

On that front, what we’ve seen so distant from Contenders is really a step in a right direction. It is, in my opinion, a best Overwatch esports prolongation yet, sporting good casting crews (you can’t kick Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles and Erik “DoA” Lonnquist, and we generally can’t kick Alex “Left Guy” Gill) and pointy camerawork that creates lower-level tournaments demeanour awkward by comparison.


So let’s start with a good. While some-more discriminating events like a Korean APEX contest have done use of techniques like present replay, Contenders is going above and over with it, vouchsafing large group fights play out and afterwards explaining them in some-more abyss during changed seconds of downtime afterward. That’s super useful, since Overwatch team fights during a pro level—while fun to watch—are a rainbow sherbet hurricane of perfect chaos. Unless we have an intensely penetrating eye for a action, it’s tough to keep up. we play and watch a lot of Overwatch, and even we fast remove lane if I’m not definitely laser-like in my focus.

An instance of a replay cam in movement from a compare between LG Evil and Faze Clan (source).

Contenders couples intelligent use of replay with roughly tributary use of a free-floating isometric camera, something that has customarily been seen irregularly in other tournaments. Generally, Blizzard’s organisation breaks it out in sincerely narrowly cramped areas or constraint points, giving viewers a improved bargain of precisely where everybody is and how engagements are unfolding. The visible denunciation of these moments is roughly MOBA-like, with a concentration on positioning and a layers of plan underlying it.


That’s pivotal in a diversion where front lines and behind lines are so important, and unchanging work from supports and flankers matters usually as most as a large ult or a sharp multi-kill. Blizzard’s organisation also does a good pursuit of contracting a third-person over-the-shoulder viewpoint on name characters during bigger fights, creation a concede between sold concentration and a wider perspective.

The free-floating cam during a teamfight between FNRGFE and Selfless (source).


But when shit hits a fan, it can still be a manic muddle. And since Overwatch is a most faster-moving diversion than, say, League of Legends or DOTA 2, and a stakes of any confront aren’t as transparent as in CSGO, shit is fundamentally attack a fan constantly. Even when large teamfights aren’t going down, teams are customarily still skirmishing while they build their ults or wait for teammates to revive. When a camera pulls behind to try and give we a demeanour during a bigger picture, it can intensify a problem, overloading we with information while unwell to prominence critical particulars, like who’s focusing on who, vs simply poking and prodding.

Then comes a large moment. A vital pull or an ult charge before a final point. With characters bouncing all over a place and commentators articulate during a million miles per hour, present replays in a issue are mostly essential. Problem is, that’s not a super fun approach to watch a sport. Sure, each competition has a “what a heck usually happened?” moments, nonetheless when those moments make adult a poignant apportionment of your observation experience, it’s tough to get into a slit or feel hyped. You’re following along, rather than feeling it as it happens. I’ve seen complaints that there are too many replays, nonetheless we consider a bigger problem is that so many are necessary.


Overwatch Contenders’ prolongation leaves most to be preferred where smaller sum are concerned, too. While Blizzard has pronounced it’s Working On It (TM), a approach teams are color-coded is still a large problem. One group carrying blue names and standing bars while a other is red competence seem harmless enough, nonetheless it falls detached in dual essential ways. For one, when you, a unchanging person, play Overwatch, we and your group are always blue, and a hostile team, from your indicate of view, is always red. It’s a forked thing, nonetheless saying that visible denunciation subverted usually creates an already pell-mell diversion even some-more treacherous to keep adult with when you’re examination it. Second, those colors infrequently barter between games. A pro group competence be red one diversion and afterwards blue a next—in a same match. So you’ve gotta re-train your mind again.


As Compete’s possess Eric Van Allen forked out, Overwatch could also advantage from other camera types—for instance a head-down camera that can see by roofs and scenery, ala CSGO. In addition, we consider Blizzard’s organisation could do a improved pursuit of blending camera views so that we could, say, get a pulled-out viewpoint of a large teamfight and afterwards immediately go into a viewpoint of a sold actor (or players) during a replay and successive analysis. Then we could see, for instance, accurately how that Genji corroborated a rivalry Mercy into a dilemma and prevented her from rezzing her team, or what have you. That competence also assistance sight viewers to know who they should be focusing on when destiny teamfights go down. Good sports prolongation doesn’t usually fill in blanks while you’re watching. It teaches we over time.

As I’ve pronounced on mixed occasions, Overwatch has a lot of intensity as an esport. It’s stirring to watch, has tons of character, and leaves copiousness of room for investigation and zany strategies. It doesn’t harm that 30 million people opposite a universe play it. For now, though, pro Overwatch is still something we would customarily suggest to a hardest of a hardcore. It can be fun to watch, nonetheless it’s not for everyone. Not yet, anyway. Here’s anticipating Contenders gives Blizzard a possibility to iron out a kinks once and for all.

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