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In a past 48 hours, Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre has left from creation a self-satisfied video about how other Overwatch pros are “rude” and should try being “a improved person,” to apropos a core of a truly bonkers liaison in that he certified to intrigue on his mother with mixed womanlike fans. In a statement today, Kephrii pronounced that “Being blunt, we used my position to strike on women online since we was excitable and lacked self control honour for myself and some-more importantly my wife… we was a excitable 23 year aged male we was peaceful to contend and do anything to make it happen.”

On Monday, Kephrii posted a video “addressing since people hatred me, as good as addressing other drama.” The since-deleted YouTube video enclosed excerpts from a many longer video that’s still on Kephrii’s Twitch channel. Kephrii discussed his beef with Timo “Taimou” Kettunen by saying, “He feels a need to conflict me to move himself up… he’s substantially insecure.” The subsequent day, discuss logs leaked in that Kephrii offering and demanded bare cinema to and from teenage women who are not his wife.


Kephrii, who used to play Overwatch for Team Liquid and stays one of a world’s top-ranked Widowmaker players, has frequently been a core of play with other pro gamers. He’s indicted other players of intrigue (in a game, not on their partners), many particularly Taimou. He’s also been indicted of tainted play in return, such as in these leaked discuss logs from 2015 that effect to uncover Kephrii revelation to abusing Adderall when competing.

According to Kephrii, Taimou has called him “boosted,” a jargon tenure that suggests a player’s high ranking is unjustifiable or that it has been calculated due to cheating. Kephrii pronounced this criticism was “very juvenile and it’s unprofessional… it’s usually rude. The stage grows improved when people are usually better. When we meant better, we mean, literally, usually a improved person.”


The discuss logs leaked a following day seem to advise Kephrii competence wish to take his possess advice. The logs, expelled by a Twitter user named Okaboomz, show users in a Discord channel deliberating Kephrii’s video about his haters and his story of promulgation dick pics to womanlike fans. That same picture also shows what appears to be Kephrii promulgation intimately pithy messages to a womanlike fan and vagrant her for bare photos. A second leaked picture shows a censored print of Kephrii’s dick with adequate identifiable seat in a credentials to make it transparent that it’s Kephrii’s bedroom.

Kephrii’s matter creates it seem like what he regrets many is being held by his mother and roasted online. In his statement, he wrote that he “spent several months perplexing to disguise it all instead of entrance clean,” yet “before prolonged my mother was informed… All of a people concerned concluded it was a private matter between her and I.” After some time passed, though, one of those “individuals” motionless to go forward and trickle a chats to a public.

His matter also creates it sound like he’s a wizened male casting an eye behind on a excitable days; yet he writes that all of this happened when he “was a excitable 23 year aged guy,” his twitter indicates that he incited 23 in March.

Taimou appears to have enjoyed Kephrii’s open embarrassment. After a video came out, Taimou responded by tweeting that he usually rabble talks Kephrii since a Adderall rumors are “funny.”

When Taimou saw a leaked discuss logs, he collaborated with friends to record a thespian reading of a logs on YouTube, that has now been set to private.


Taimou has his possess past; he was fined final year for creation a licentious comment about an interviewer. Kephrii is now unsigned, yet Taimou plays for Dallas Fuel, one of a teams in a arriving Overwatch League. Neither responded to a ask for criticism from Compete before publication.

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