Overwatch ‘Shippers Clash Over New Mercy, Genji Voice Lines

Overwatch fans have unclosed new voice lines for Mercy and Genji for Valentine’s Day in a Public Testing Region’s latest patch. The dual characters share some chocolates, that seems innocuous. You competence assume that some-more information about these characters would be a bonus for ‘shippers—people who write fanfic and make art about a characters in regretful relationships. But these lines have launched ‘ship to ‘ship fight in a game’s fandom, divulgence how ethereal a star they’ve built unequivocally is.


The lines themselves seem flattering inconsequential. Mercy and Genji share chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and she creates a flattering weird, kind of bold criticism about them not being Swiss. He bought we chocolates, girl, chill out! You can hear a lines below.

It’s flirtatious, for sure, though it isn’t accurately authorized explanation a dual have something going on. If we ‘ship Mercy and Genji together, also famous as Gency, it’s adequate to give we butterflies. But if we maybe belong to some-more renouned ‘ships…well, it feels like your elite couples are being damaged adult for a something that’s some-more boring. Fans of Pharmercy, Phara and Mercy, or Genyatta, Genji and Zenyatta, aren’t unequivocally happy.

While some fans don’t like a thought of a characters being canonically straight, there are other concerns that go over welfare for a sold ‘ship. Some fans trust that ‘shipping Mercy and Genji is inapt since Mercy is a Overwatch foundation’s doctor.

There’s also been a import by fans that Mercy was a one who gave Genji his drudge body. Mercy rebuilding Genji isn’t categorically benefaction in a canon of Overwatch, though since a game’s criterion is meagre conflicting voice lines and suit comics, fan theories take base and stay there. According to the Overwatch website, it is loyal that Mercy was a one who saved Genji’s life, and it is also loyal that Genji during some indicate left Overwatch and hung out with Zenyatta to make assent with who he was. That competence be adequate to clear a speculation for you, and therefore some fans see a attribute as rapacious on Mercy’s part.

Gency ‘shippers and other fans who aren’t as heavily invested in ‘shipping have already responded to a negativity by indicating out that this greeting seems overblown. Not usually do these voicelines not unequivocally endorse anything, it isn’t as if being captivated to a chairman of a conflicting gender creates a characters straight, that means other ‘ships could still stand. Additionally, given how small information about a characters exist, fans can hook a meagre contribution into a reason since any ‘ship is reprobate or predatory. If Mercy is a Overwatch foundation’s ubiquitous practitioner, afterwards should she be dating anyone in Overwatch during all?



Ship wars are as aged as Star Trek, so this greeting isn’t surprising. Back in a days of Livejournal, a bloodbath over Harry/Hermione vs. Ron/Hermione enclosed letter length posts about hippogryphs and impersonations and clandestine infiltrations of opposition summary boards. The usually disproportion between Overwatch and those fandoms is a approach that information is disseminated and only how small information there is during all.

Unlike fandoms built around radio shows, movies, or narrative-based games, Overwatch has intensely small in a approach of a canon. It’s tough to contend how a characters know any other, if during all, or what their relations are to any other. For a lot of players this is no problem; they’re here for a category formed shooter. But for people in a fandom, each small gob of information forsaken down from Blizzard is an event for a speculation to get reliable or debunked.

This is partial of since Tracer being suggested as happy was such a large deal. Many fans were already reading her (and other characters) as queer, though to indeed see what changed small criterion there is endorse it was lovely and sparkling for those fans. The Overwatch fandom has an moving volume of creativity since it needs to make adult a lot of a characterization and relations as they go along, though that also means that their star is unequivocally fragile. New voice lines like these ones can radically change a fans’ notice of a game—but meaningful how artistic a Overwatch fandom is, that doesn’t meant they can’t fanfic their approach around them.

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