Overwatch PTR Patch 1.13 Datamining Dredges Up New Map, Content, and Hero Data

It’s not usually a pile-up logs! Overwatch dataminers are tough during work with digital pickaxes, enormous open veins of uninformed information to scrutinize, analyze, and over-enthusiastically assume about. Redditor Ethanciavo willingly epitomised all detected so distant — including, yes, information regarding to a new and arriving hero.


Orisa and Sombra both get summer games cosmetics, yet everybody else gets during slightest two. Country-specific icons also done theri approach in. Orisa and Mercy comparison also get non-event sprays, and there are over 8 new entries for achievements-related sprays too.

There’s also a placeholder for “Event 8” with one new object for many of a cast, yet note that there are no rob box associated files trustworthy to this, suggesting that it isn’t a grave “event” like a Summer Games. Possibly a tiny ubiquitous update?

New Maps

Two new entries for map metadata’s been added, yet ethanciavo cautioned opposite awaiting too most from it.

Don’t get hyped about there being 2 new bone-fide maps entrance to quickplay and competitive. It’s really expected that during slightest one of these maps is a smaller map used for a pretension shade and/or Lucioball.

As they forked out, even a tiny “rooms” used to arrangement cosmetics technically validate as map data.


The progressing pile-up record data could have usually been a wily provoke during a community, or a header they forgot to barter out, instead of a tough Doomfist confirmation. Except that it didn’t come alone. Along with a pile-up logs, we have enclosed favourite metadata that doesn’t go with anybody else, suggesting a code new further to a roster. 

We really know who it is. We usually need Blizzard to indeed announce it, or let a gosh damn graphics go by with a rest of a PTR patch. We’ve waited for so damn long. The usually condolence is that during slightest Blizzard didn’t jerk us around with something like Sombra’s months-long ARG, creation her overstay her acquire before she even done it into a game.

That pile-up record discuss was well-verified by some-more than a half dozen Redditors too. Never have gamers been happier to have program destroy on them.

Overwatch Patch 1.13 is accessible on a PTR servers right now. As shortly as a playable Doomfist lands, we can design copiousness of updates about a long-anticipated car for Terry Crews’ pretentious voice. Assuming, of course, that Blizzard doesn’t defect us by regulating anybody else.

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