Overwatch Pro Suspended by Blizzard After Months of Toxicity, Throwing Games, and Trolling a Community

After months of complaints from a village for throwing games, streaming anime porn titles, trolling, and only being a open nuisance, Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca has been dangling by both Blizzard from all Overwatch foe for Season Five (including Overwatch Contenders), as good as from his team, Selfless.

For months now, Overwatch players have filed complaints of throwing from Dafran, as a actor claimed that he was going to try to get demoted to Platinum from Grandmaster so he could “wreck plot scrubs.” 

In doing so, he would do unconstructive things like picking Torbjorn and chuck down turrets in a parent room, all while streaming several documentaries or personification a amorous visible novel Nekopara over a tip of his stream. Here’s only one instance of that, where he admits that he’s perplexing to chuck games:

It’s finished even worse that Dafran was one of a best-ranked players in a world, carrying reached arrange one on US servers with his smurf comment in Season 4. But it seems even a splendid prospects in a diversion on a arise like Overwatch weren’t adequate to deter his actions.

Among these actions enclosed enlivening his tide viewers to tide snipe other pros, and revelation his 2000 viewers to go reserve for rival and chuck games. He called this tactic a “Overwatch ISIS” that would destroy each rival diversion that was going on during that time.

Months ago, he was warned by his manager on Selfless that he needs to stop what he’s doing after he was criminialized from ranked:

But, as Dafran says, his fun was some-more critical than literally everybody else in Overwatch, be it on his group or not. And that was transparent yesterday before his anathema was handed down, where he delivered maybe a many obscure uncover of penance ever.

“I overtly do not give a shit what happens to me and my fucking career, we can all go fuck yourselves,” Dafran pronounced on Twitlonger. “But, we am starting to comprehend my actions might be inspiring my org, teammates and their careers. Time to remodel into Seagull V2 and be a lovable small good guy.”

After a anathema was handed down, it seems that he’s satisfied a sobriety of his actions, though after all he’s done, it’s small comfort. 

Selfless, for their possess right (and good on them), will be aiding Dafran in removing a assistance he so clearly needs, including therapy: 

“While Dafran will no longer be personification with a team, we will be aiding him in anticipating a help, counseling, and superintendence that he needs to urge his mental and romantic well-being. He is a dear friend, and we will be as understanding as probable during this time off from rival play, so that he can come behind stronger and improved than ever. We apologize to a fans, a Overwatch community, and any/all persons and players impacted by Dafran’s actions.” 

These actions by Dafran, as good as a prior ones by Toronto Esports’ Matt ‘Dellor’ Vaughn, seem to uncover off a side of Overwatch that Blizzard clearly wants to stamp out before a Overwatch League, or even Contenders, truly kicks off. After all, investors are always watching, and they could get changeable if they comprehend that a village is not utterly as mature as it looks from a outside.

It’s also a small peculiar that it took Blizzard this prolonged to comprehend there was an emanate after recieving reports about it for months – it took village cheer from the Overwatch forums, both a Overwatch and Competitive Overwatch subreddit, and Twitter to bleed such a response. While a movement taken was suitable for a crime, it took approach too prolonged and expected soured utterly a few people’s ambience on a rival side of a diversion in a process.

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