Overwatch Players Are Sick Of Ult Interruptions

“That’s a good ult you’ve got there,” Blizzard radically pronounced when it altered a approach Overwatch ult interruptions work last month. “It’d be a contrition if something were to occur to it.”

Ever given a large Halloween refurbish on Oct 10, Overwatch’s ults have worked a small differently than they used to. Prior to a update, failing or removing dumbfounded as we used your ult would exhaust some, though not all, of your ult charge. Now, genocide of a physique means genocide of a ult scale as well—your whole ult assign now disappears on death. In addition, many ults now finish a present we die or get stunned, even when they engage projectiles that should, if we’re requesting beliefs of realism to a universe full of cyborg ninjas and Bowiemancers, continue drifting brazen and detonating.


This can lead to some flattering vivid weirdness. In a shave below, pleasantness of Squidbit, Mei’s ult disappears after it’s been thrown.

In this play by eskaNot, D.Va calls down her mech, usually to get bending by a Roadhog, forcing her to watch as her mech vanishes into a sky along with her whole ult charge:

This instance is demonstrative of another problem players have with a new ult stop system: some characters are significantly some-more influenced by losing their whole ult assign than others. Blizzard clearly done this change in response to complaints that some characters, such as Genji, didn’t humour adequate for failing or removing dumbfounded mid-ult, though now some characters have to understanding with a conflicting problem.


“I can know losing a bit of ult for a badly timed [Lucio] Sound Barrier, though 100% of it left is rubbish since you’re so vulnerable,” a actor named pandapoops2 pronounced in a outrageous thread about ult cancels on Reddit. “Immediately losing all ult assign on each favourite is rubbish since it’s not a same for everyone. One distance fits all was NOT a resolution whatsoever.”

“At initial we suspicion it was excellent only because, we know, to be satisfactory to everyone,” pronounced a actor named AzshFayd on Overwatch’s forums, “but Tracer/Mei/Hanzo/Lucio/Rein losing their ult assign when it’s clearly left off is BS.”

Sometimes, Overwatch players comfortable to argumentative changes after they’ve been in a diversion for a bit, though a month later, this one is theme to some-more inspection than ever. we reached out to Blizzard to ask if it’s reevaluating ult cancels, though as of publishing, we had nonetheless to accept a response.

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