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Roadhog was a lot of things to a lot of people. A friend, a brother, maybe even a lover. Also, a one-man apocalypse. He really doesn’t wish we to forget that. We can all agree, though, that he was taken before his time.

Toward a finish of June, Overwatch’s proprietor master of hook-fu and tattoo(s) got nerfed. Blizzard reduced his bullet repairs by 33 percent, holding divided a pivotal component of his kit: a ability to one-shot many heroes after disorder them in with his jagged, hacked-together hook. That tactic was a glue that hold Roadhog’s other abilities together and, crucially, gave a good pig child something he was best at. Among a game’s tank heroes, he positively wasn’t a sturdiest (that’d be Reinhardt) or best during repairs slackening (D.Va and Zarya both do it distant improved in their possess ways), yet he could harm somebody’s day in a heartbeat if they overextended or got careless.

The nerf left him vale and suggested usually how deficient other elements of his pack are. He’s a vast aim with extensive ability cooldowns, after all, and his recovering ability, while potent, leaves him infirm for mixed seconds. Taken together, these things spin him into a large ult assign battery for a other team. These days, it’s indeed to some heroes’ advantage to get hooked, given they can out-duel Roadhog adult close. Where once it was a terrifying prospect, people are now many backing adult to give a discontinued ‘hog a large hug.


Players have spent a past month pleading with Blizzard to save Roadhog, whose usage and win rates have forsaken given a nerf. Some have suggested further changes and new abilities, yet many just wish to see Roadhog reverted to a approach he was before. As time has passed, however, their negotiate has incited into despair. There’s even a #RIPRoadhog hashtag on Twitter.

Video pleasantness of a always smashing Dinoflask.


Blizzard, meanwhile, has argued that Roadhog’s one-shot ability simply wasn’t fun if we were on a receiving finish of it, and notwithstanding all a outcry, it doesn’t seem to be budging on that. Toward a finish of final month, principal engineer Geoff Goodman said that a dev group is instead contrast a chronicle of Roadhog that will accept a 50 percent repairs rebate while recovering and be means to pierce in a process. So he’ll be most tankier than before, basically.

Some players remain concerned. This due Nu-Hog competence be means to take a violence and keep on dueling, yet he still doesn’t have a specialty. He’d usually be a sturdier chronicle of a man who can’t compare adult with other tanks in departments that indeed matter.

More crucially, though, he’s no longer a imposing, high-risk/high-reward favourite Roadhog mains found so enthralling in a initial place. The fun of Roadhog was that if we did things right—nailed your offshoot placement, held a healer or a Tracer, or some other high-value target—you were a ultimate hunter. Other players had a legitimate reason to be afraid of you. That feeling was impossibly empowering!

On a other hand, if we screwed up, we were prey, despite not in a standard “flash boiled passed meat” sense. You could lumber divided and try to heal, give yourself a second franchise on life. But if enemies cornered we or pushed we out of position, we could usually watch helplessly as they emptied your health bar and filled their ult meters. It was an awful feeling, meaningful how most we potentially harm your team. Insult and injury, interconnected with appearing dismay about what was entrance next.

Blizzard’s new prophesy of Roadhog competence be reduction polarizing, yet for many, a vital partial of his interest was that he operated in extremes. The top highs and a lowest lows. Those automatic edges, in turn, gave his demeanour and vibe—his scrapheap arsenal that looks like it could fall during any second—meaning. He was a bit of a mess, yet his quirks done people venerate him.


Some nerfs are elementary nip/tuck treatments that people eventually determine were necessary, and maybe this one will eventually be noticed that approach too. But it also raises an critical doubt about a inlet of change in games that work for years and years: what happens when a developer changes a favourite so essentially that they remove their identity, generally after they’ve been a certain approach for a prolonged time? That favourite competence demeanour a same and sound a same, yet if players who once precious them won’t hold them anymore, are they still a same hero? And even if it’s for a viewed larger good of a game, is it indispensably a good thought to make those changes? As a player, I’m a bit unsettled by a thought that my favorite favourite (Pharah, for a record) could unexpected be remade into a state that’s not indispensably bad or ineffective, yet is mechanically unrecognizable to me.

At a finish of a day, it’s Blizzard’s game, and it’s giveaway to do as it pleases with a expel of characters it created. Much as players venerate and brand with a game’s heroes, we do not possess them. Change is increasingly unavoidable in complicated games, generally ones as large as Overwatch. By all means, venerate your favorite heroes, yet keep in mind that we never know where they’ll finish adult before removing too attached.

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