‘Overwatch’ News & Updates: New Maps, New Characters, And …

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Ever given a central release in May 2016, “Overwatch” – a now extravagantly renouned first-person shooter locus – has amassed for itself a large following and a record-breaking half a billion dollars in revenue. Its launch brought about a biggest entertain for video diversion developer hulk Blizzard Entertainment, and a fandom is display no signs of losing seductiveness any time soon.

For a Christmas season, Blizzard astounded players with 5 free holiday loot boxes – a honeyed ‘thank you’ to their understanding “Overwatch” fans. The boxes enclosed anniversary skins for characters including Winston, McCree, Reaper, Lucio, and Sombra – to name a few. There were also anniversary equipment and events, such as a new snowball gun for Mei, a favourite impression that usually sprays ice as her offensive.

While Christmas-themed “Overwatch” was a loyal delight, it ends only a small after New Years’. So what do players have to demeanour brazen to this entrance 2017?

Ecopoint: Antartica, And The Need For More Maps. For starters, Wired posits that Blizzard Entertainment could mount to supplement some-more maps and heroes to “Overwatch” 2017. As distant as plcae goes, a latest map – Ecopoint: Antarctica – has been a rousing success for many fans, generally those looking for a new plea other than a quick-and-competitive play acted by a 6v6 set-up. Ecopoint: Antarctica is horde to dual new diversion modes: 1v1 poser duel and 3v3 elimination.

DLC: Multiple New Characters. US Gamer reports that diversion executive Jeff Kaplan hinted during new mixed characters and events for “Overwatch” 2017. One sold favourite has been described as “very promising,” though a association stays tight-lipped on a specifics. Yibada also reports that Blizzard is environment a bar high: a association reportedly expects fans to be astounded by a series of events they have designed for 2017. There’s also speak of an ascent to a communications wheel.

Needless to say, fans are on pins and needles for 2017. Whether Overwatch 2017 fulfills fan’s expectations is anyone’s guess, though given what we’re saying right now, a contingency are flattering most in their favor. 


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