‘Overwatch’ News: Players Are Reporting Cheaters For Abusing Bug & Glitch In Ecopoint: Antartica Map

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A new map was recently combined to “Overwatch” that also contained some bugs and glitches. The newest map, Ecopoint: Antartica, is set during Mei’s aged investigate trickery where she was cryogenically frozen.

Players around a universe is reportedly reacting to some players abusing a new map’s bug to take astray advantages during a game. This “Overwatch” new map Ecopoint: Antartica bug allows a impression Mei to entrance limited areas and conflict enemies by a walls.

On “Overwatch” Reddit and central “Overwatch” forums, players are stating a identical story. They contend that during a 3v3 compare during a Ecopoint: Antartica, a hostile group regulating Mei, are regulating these glitches to win a game.

According to iDigitalTimes report, a basis of this Mei glitch revolves around her Ice Wall. Using this character, if we conduct into a specific dilemma of a map, bootlick and afterwards put an Ice Wall underneath you, a diversion will put we on tip of a room, in a limited place where we shouldn’t means to access.

The same site also gives warning to a players abusing a glitch. They cited that Blizzard loves to anathema people who use exploits in “Overwatch.” In Jul 2016, some players found a approach to pile-up a diversion regulating a certain character. Anyone who used this exploit, even if they were only contrast it out, were criminialized by Blizzard.

It is still misleading either any other impression can entrance a limited area and do a glitch. In a Mic report, they say some Reddit users have all reported identical issues, privately involving Mei in an hostile team.

Many extraordinary players competence seems wish to try this Ecopoint: Antartica glitch, though this is a really unsure business. If we adore “Overwatch,” it is improved for we not to try this bug or else we competence be henceforth criminialized from a game.

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