Overwatch NEWS: Blizzard refurbish will repair a game’s biggest problem

Overwatch developer Blizzard is about to deliver a new process to fight a game’s biggest problem.

Hackers have creation make life miserable for players in Korea, where Blizzard is about to make an refurbish t

From Feb 17, Blizzard will be updating a Battle.net comment process in a bid to stop hackers from ruining a game.

This means that usually players with current Korean diversion licenses will be means to play a diversion in a region.

Blizzard formerly released bans to roughly 20,000 players in a region, after it was detected that some hackers were regulating third-party programs when visiting internet cafes. With computers totally lovely after players pointer out, it has been a onslaught to lane cheaters down.

Blizzard pronounced that formulating a pleasing personification sourroundings was peerless to a team, and that a studio was perplexing to emanate countermeasures to fight a issue.

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