‘Overwatch’ Lunar Event End Time: When Does Year of a Dog Loot Stop Today?

The Overwatch lunar eventuality finish date is Mar 5, bringing an finish to another turn of crazy cosmetics, maps and CTF movement centered around a Chinese calendar. This time around is a Year of a Dog yet don’t pattern an Orisa skin with dog ears. Like final year’s eventuality for a Chinese New Year Blizzard kept things authentic, with some-more than 170 cosmetics combined to a diversion (all accessible around rob box, of course). We also raged opposite Ayutthaya, a new map with a disagreeable pattern separate between ancient, exploding temples and sleek, complicated buildings.

What time will a Year of a Dog Overwatch lunar eventuality come to an end?

No central finish time has been given (yet) yet traditionally Overwatch events finish between 1-2 p.m. EST. Sometimes a events extend into a subsequent day depending on your time zone, too. We will refurbish once/if an central time is released. You can always keep your eyes glued to a Overwatch twitter comment too, or only dive into a diversion and make a final embankment bid to get that Legendary skin we were chasing (looking during we Qinlong Pharah). Or only lay in a run and bask in a UI excellence of being means to finally switch skins before matches:

What’s subsequent after today’s Overwatch eventuality ends?

The subsequent large change entrance to Overwatch after a finish of a Year of a Dog eventuality is a further of Brigitte, a 27th favourite and maybe a many renouned new hero yet. So when will Brigitte go live? She’s on a PTR right now if we can entrance it on PC, yet contingency are she’ll be streamer to a full diversion in a few weeks. Typically, new heroes bear about a month of playtesting in a PTR before receiving a wider release. Based on stream rumors, it seems Brigitte’s PTR contrast could embody a demeanour during some new skins and prominence intros as early as today.

Overwatch rival deteriorate 9 is already underway, carrying begun it’s run on Feb. 28. A new skin for Widowmaker formed on StarCraft hero-turned-villain Sarah Kerrigan is entrance as partial of Blizzard’s 20th Anniversary Starcraft celebrations. What a subsequent themed Overwatch eventuality is is anybody’s theory though. Let us know your theories in a comments section!

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