Overwatch Lego sets will let we build your favorite heroes


Lego Overwatch sets are entrance soon.

Screenshot by Gordon Gottsegen/CNET

Can’t get adequate of Overwatch on-screen? Why not play it IRL?

Blizzard is fasten army with Lego to emanate Overwatch Lego sets. The twin expelled a teaser video on a Overwatch Twitter account, that we can check out below.

In a video we see Overwatch diversion executive Jeff Kaplan arrange a mini Lego chronicle of Tracer. Upon completion, Tracer comes to life, jumps in a air, and shouts out some of her favorite sound bites.

While it’s doubtful that Lego Tracer will indeed come to life and speak to you, a video does endorse that a impression will be expelled as a Lego figure. A prior Overwatch proclamation hinted that other characters will get a Lego diagnosis as well.

The teaser says a Lego sets are entrance soon, though doesn’t exhibit an accurate timeframe.

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